Brooke:”We are going to be a power couple! He is going to be a famous novelist, and I’m going to have a fabulous fashion line.”
Lucas:”But we are still going to have time to have a big family
Brooke:”Two boys, and a girl”
Lucas:”And I’ll coach little league”
Brooke:”Uu! And I’ll bake treats for the team, oder buy them.”
Lucas:”And we will spend our summer in our strand house.”
Brooke:”And winter in the southern France”
Lucas: “It won’t matter where we are, as long as we are together”

Brooke: “Isn’t that the thing couples talk about?”
Lucas: “So, what are Du plans after High School?
Brooke: “Well, I always figured I would marry a millionaire, and he would wisp me away to his liguster, privet island in the Bahamas. Where are Du on that anyway? “

Brooke:”Tell me that was a goodbye kiss”
Lucas:”I want to be with Du Brooke”
Lucas:”I’m sorry, I know we are friends; it’s just how I feel.”
Brooke:”What about Peyton’s stuff?”
Lucas:”I keep that stuff as a reminder of how madly I screwed up things, with you. To remind myself that if I ever get a Sekunde chance, I would never let Du go again.”

Brooke:” Well well, Lucas Scott.”
Lucas: “You got my message.”
Brooke:”Oh, Du think I was going to miss a chance to spend a night on the town with a soon to be bestselling author.”
Lucas: “God it is good to see Du Brooke.”

Brooke:”I don’t like Du guys to see me like this...vulnerable”
Lucas:”It’s how I always see Du Brooke, that and your beauty”

Brooke:” People that are meant to be, always find their way back in the end.”

Lucas:”I’m the guy for you. I know we’re just part-time, that’s cool. Du know, do whatever, have your fun. But one of these nights you’re gonna realize it; I’m the guy for Du Brooke Davis…. You’ll see”

Brooke:”So, do I get to be a part of this world?”
Lucas:”The biggest part”

Lucas:”That is really great. I’m proud of you. Okay, see Du in a bit”
Brooke:”Okay, see Du later boyfriend… (Pause) What?”
Lucas:”Nothing, it just feels good to hear Du call me boyfriend”
Brooke:”Feels good to say it”

Brooke:”Hey, Luke. We’ve been through a lot me and Du but I wouldn’t have made it through today oder a couple of days without you, so thanks. This is for Du (gives him the purple monkey). I Liebe you, Lucas Scott, Du know that.”
Lucas:”I Liebe Du too, Brooke Davis.”

Lucas:”The truth is I care about Peyton”
Brooke:”Then what is the difference?”
Lucas:”The difference? The difference is that I Liebe Du Brooke, I wanna be with you, not Peyton.”
Brooke:”But why? I need to know why?”
Lucas:”Because Du kink your eyebrows when you’re trying to be cute. Because Du quote Kmo even though I’ve actually never seen Du read. Because Du miss your parents, but Du never admit that! And because I’ve gegeben exactly two of these embarrassing speeches, and they’ve both been with you. And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia, but if you, need to hear why I Liebe you, I can go on all night.”

Brooke:”All I really want to see is Lucas laugh again, hear him song off key, watch him roll his eyes when I steal French fries off his plate. All I’m trying to say is, I’m crazy about your son and I hope that’s enough for you..”
Karen:”That’s Mehr than enough.”

Lucas:”And how is the most beautiful girl in New York City doing?”
Brooke:”I’m great ….but I miss you,, so much”

Brooke:”It’s just that, you’re the first great guy I’ve dated and that really scares me because I never gave a rat’s arsch before. Ok, but I do now.”
Lucas:”That’s good, because I give a rat’s arsch about Du too.”

Lucas:”That’s what’s so great about wedding, two people come together, and even it is just for one night they make us believe in Liebe again.”

Brooke:”What I wanted? I wanted Du to fight for me! I wanted Du to say that there was no-one else Du could ever be with and that you'd rather be alone then without me. I wanted the Lucas Scott from the strand telling the world that he's the one for me!”
Lucas:”How was I supposed to know that?”
Brooke:”You just are.”

Lucas:”You have to understand that my herz is with you, the kiss... it didn't mean anything.”
Brooke:”A KISS always means something.”
Lucas:”Maybe you're right, but it wasn't a romantic moment. And Du would know that if... “
Brooke:”If what? I was there? As Du so sweetly pointed out at the party, the party that I threw for you, I wasn't there was I?!... “
Lucas:”Is it impossible for Du to forgive me? I forgave you...”
Brooke:”For what?”
Lucas:”For sleeping with Chris Keller...”
Brooke:”And Du know what Lucas? I loved Du for that. Du had such grace in that moment that I fell in Liebe with Du all over again. I can't believe that Du would use it now as a bargaining chip”
Lucas:”I'm not, I'm not, I’m not. I just... it feels like ever since we got back together you've just been waiting, waiting to push me away!”
Brooke:”Oh great! Du kissed Peyton AGAIN! and I'm pushing Du away!!
God, why did I make everyone identical purses as wedding gifts...”
Lucas:”I Liebe Du Brooke... I don't know how else to say it.”
Brooke:”How about how Du Zeigen it? I'm not pushing Du away Lucas, I am holding on for dear life, but I need Du to need me back. Why wouldn't Du tell me about the kiss, and why didn't Du call me while Du were away. And why won't Du ever just let me all the way in??!...”

Brooke:”There are 82 letters in here, all addressed to you. I wrote them all in the summer... But I never sent them to Du because I was afraid...”
Lucas:”Brooke ...”
Brooke:”I was afraid of getting my herz broken again, like before.. Du hurt me so bad, I was afraid to be vulnerable. And I was afraid of Du and the way that Du make me feel. I know it doesn’t matter now after what I did, but I thought Du should know. This is how I spent my summer Luke, wanting you. I was just too scared to admit it.”
Lucas: Brooke, I am sorry. What Du did with Chris... it's okay.”
Brooke:”It's not, it can’t be, it’s too much to forgive.
Lucas:”Well… Too bad, because I forgive you.”
Brooke:”You can’t”
Lucas:”I just did, so you’re gonna just have to deal with it. I am the guy for Du Brooke Davis, and I know I hurt Du last time we were together but ...”
Brooke:”I Liebe you”
Lucas:”I Liebe Du too ... ... ... pretty girl.”

Nathan:”Dude! Brooke is the other half!”

Rachel:”Do Du really think there’s one person in this entire planet that’s right for you?”
Lucas:”I do.”
Rachel:”Ok…What about Peyton? I heard Du once had the same feelings for her? Maybe we’re still in high school, and Du haven’t men ‘the one’.”
Lucas:”But, I have, it’s Brooke.”

Victoria:”You have far too much to lose Brooke.”
Brooke:”And Lucas Scott was the one boy I might of Lost it for.”

Lucas:” I barely even knew her last year, and now I can’t imagine life around here without her.”

Lucas:”Don’t go… I just had to say it. Du have to stay…”
Brooke:”I really liked being the girl behind the red door…”

Brooke:”Lucas, in order for this to work, there has to be a balance, I KISS a guy Du KISS a girl, I KISS two guys…”
Lucas:”I KISS Du twice.”

Brooke:”Brilliant and beautiful and brave, in two years she’d grown Mehr than anyone I had ever known, Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. And I’m not sure that she even knows it.” (Quoting from Lucas’s novel)

Brooke: “Morning Boyfriend...again.”
Lucas: “Thank You”
Keith: “I think you’re good.”
Lucas: “Keith Brooke. Brooke, my uncle Keith”
Brooke: “Hi”
Keith: “Hi”
Lucas: “We gotta get out of here, alright.”

Lucas:“There is this girl, Du might know her, her name is brooke davis and i'm completely in Liebe with her!!!”

Brooke: “Hey, broody.”
Lucas: “Hey, cheery. Peyton.”
Brooke:“So, I’ll see Du at practice?”
Peyton:”As always.”
Brooke:”Yeah, Du too.”

Brooke: “So I had an idea.”
Brooke:”Remember when I read that Steinberg book?”
Lucas: “Steinbeck”
Brooke: “Yeah, that guy. And then Du did something that I wanted.”
Lucas: “Oh yeah, yeah. Getting drunk, tattooed and grounded?”
Brooke: “But in a fun way. I’m thinking we should try that again.”
Lucas: “Okay, Du might want to run that Von Keith first.”

Lucas: “See there is this girl,she's part of history and I need to be with her.”

Brooke: “Not exactly that, I just, I want to know everything about you. And I want Du to know...almost everything about me.”
Lucas: “What’s going on Brooke?”
Brooke: “Nothing. I just. I want to know Du better Luke. So how about, the Weiter time Du do something Du love, Du bring me along, and then we trade. Are Du busy after practice tomorrow?”
Lucas: “Yeah, I have a datum with you.”

Lucas: “Have I told Du how much I Liebe Du today?”
Brooke: “Not really”
Lucas: “Well I do...and even when I dont tell Du it means alot to me to know that you're means everything.”
Brooke: “I am here...we both are”
Lucas: “I know. Its good being here...especially with you.”
Brooke: “I wish it was me. I know thats horrible and I know its selfish but...I watched Du rescue Peyton and Du told me Du rescued Dan and sometimes I just wish Du could rescue me.”
Lucas: “From what?”
Brooke: “From ALL of it”
Lucas: “Ok then, I will...If Du promise to rescue me back.”
Brooke: "I promise.”

Lucas: "This is from a speech Von John F kennedy. i think it could work for you."
Brooke: "This is all about courage. Nobody is going to believe this coming from me!"
Lucas: "I would."

Lucas: "I'll tell Du what alright, Du take the evens, i'll take the odds. And i'll bet we could bust this out in like half hour."
Brooke: "Thanks luke"
Lucas: "Anything for you."