"look at me lucas im hidious" brooke cries as she takes off her sunglasses to Zeigen the bruises that are left.

lucas lookes at her with awe and walks slowly towards her then he slowly reaches out his hands towards brookes face he slowly touches the bruises as a tear starts to fall down her face
" why would someone do this to you?" lucas says very quitly he carries and stroking her face.

" dont Du see luke i have no one , no one at all peyton is with Du your with peyton millie has left. nathan haley and jamie my own mother doesnt even Liebe me. no one cares whats happened to me i have money thats all i have and someone is trying to take that away from me"

Lucas starts to stroke her lips he then pulls her close and gentily pecks her on the lips

" i care abou Du pretty girl"

brooke looks up at lucas

" lucas look at me im not pretty not anymore your with peyton now why did Du KISS me? "

her hands are still holding lucases she looks down at them

"i made the wrong choice brooke i see now its Du i want. its Du ive always wanted my Liebe for Du is stronger than anything ive ever felt please be with me brooke "

he puts his hands slightly on the side of her head and makes her look up

"im the one for Du brooke "

looks in her eyes then embraces her gently she looses up and wraps her arms around him