Okay so i was just watching some new clips of Oth and I just think Brulian had many scenes which seemed a lot like Bl past scenes.

Am not an Anti-Bju but i dont ship them either unlike pucass its all Hate.
I know people sometimes have scenes alike but Hey its my opinion.

okay so Starting with Kürzlich scenes

Julian helping Brooke With Sam is like Lucas helping Brooke with Anjie.

The season seven promo of Julian holding Brooke Von the feuer reminded me of Brucas scenes at Rachel's kabine of both Brucas Von the fire.

Julian fighting for Brooke was like Lucas fighting for her in season 2 and 3.

Both idiots named Lucas and Julian fell in Liebe with the anorexic fake blonde skank. (sorry for the use of language but i think i gave a good Beschreibung of Peyton)

When Lucas told Julian at the rivercourt how julian would be crazy if he didnt fight for her oder something well reminds of Haley oder even Peyt-whore telling Lucas i think season 4 after the bl break up to fight for Brooke.

I write this in 5 Mins because i know that if i dont post it now well i probably forget.
Its just they used to be so many bl Fans and now there's barely any