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Brooke’s POV:

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
oder if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet."
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 2.2

Here I am sitting in class again bored out of my mind listening to this teacher ramble on and on about Romeo and Juliet; lame. It’s been two months since I’ve transferred schools and everything that needs to be in place has fallen into place just as planned. Justine and I joined the cheerleading squad, who knew Du could become beliebt overnight? Well technically we had to hündin out the head cheerleader and we had to prove ourselves at the party.


“Don’t Du dare think now that you’re on the cheerleading squad you’re all high and mighty. You’re STILL at the bottom of the Essen chain and Du will get ate” the cheerleading whore sagte to me, as if this hündin is going to get in my face and not get a mouth full herself.

“Ate? Du eat girls? Never knew Du swung on that side of the plate, Bridgette” Justine states, this actually surprised me since she is usually so quiet, I honestly figured I’d have to fight this battle alone

“But...what!? That is not what I meant and Du know it Du two timing mother fuc…”

“You know what, Bridgette…just shut the fuck up and take your arsch back to your house, call up those male prostitutes and have them satisfy your arsch before your vagina withers up and dies from2.5 Sekunde lack of action” I had to cut her off there, if Justine is going to have my back then I’m going to have her back

Oh this is where it gets good;

“Hey now leave her the fuck alone, alright? Two wrongs don’t make a right in this situation” her cocky arsch boyfriend says in that cocky arsch attitude of his

“ Du might as well tuck your dick between your legs and follow her before I have to call your arsch out too, does getting caught in the bathroom not too long Vor with Tony mean anything to you?”

And with that they both leave and everyone in the room clapped.


She’s lucky that’s all she got, I was about to hündin slap her so hard she’d be seeing stars for a Monat but anyway back to the story, we of course had to prove ourselves at the party, as if the fight wasn’t enough proof that we could easily run the school.


“Truth oder Dare”

We were playing doubles truth oder dare so Justine was my partner

“Dare” we both say at the same time, this kid is dorky so of course his dare was going to be harmless, right? Wrong.
“Okay, I dare Du to strip completely, jump into the neighbors freezing cold pool and then do a dance in front of their open bedroom window”

I figured this would be no sweat since I’ve done this type of thing before but Justine seemed awfully nervous, regardless we did it and it definitely wasn’t as cool and as fun as I thought it was going to be, turns out it was an old couple and after a lot of persuading we got them to not call the cops.

In the end we proved ourselves and we become pretty much the most beliebt girls in school.


Sounds exciting, correct? I think so.

My birthday is coming up soon 2 Mehr days to be exact and I couldn’t be Mehr happy, I have all my new Friends to hang out with and we’re having a pool party at Justine’s house, I told her I wanted to keep it simple because I’ve done enough partying in my life and this time I just want it to be me and some of the Friends hanging out maybe drinking some, having some cake, Du know the kind of party everyone else in the world would pretty much consider lame for a high school senior Du runs the school. It’s whatever though; people can think what they want about me I really don’t give a fuck.

A week Vor the craziest thing happened; I was talking to Lucas, right? It’s become a routine thing but anyway and we were just talking about how he gets to come Home in a few days and he popped the question! Not the ‘will Du marry me question’ but the will Du be my girlfriend Frage it was so exciting and Unglaublich and sadly it was just a dream. Had Du going there for a Minute though, huh? Yeah, I thought so, but really wouldn’t that be the ultimate present, I mean, I like this guy a lot and without even meeting him in person he has become a big part of my life. I can’t believe that the feelings have grown this fast. Here is how the dream went:

I rush Home from school and turn on my laptop hoping to see that Lucas is on, which he is, I’m not sure how he’s finding all this time to talk to me but I’m really glad that he is. I quickly start a video chat and his smile quickly puts a smile on my face.

“Hey, pretty girl” is what he sagte at first, it’s what he always says at first but every time it makes me melt.

“Hey” I state simply, I’ve been doing this whole keep it simple thing so he can talk longer, I Liebe to hear his voice.

“God, I Liebe it when Du smile. How was your day?”

“It was alright I guess. Much better now that I’m talking to you” Cheesy, yes? Ah, well. Whatever

“Good to know, look pretty girl I have something I need to ask you, it’s been on my mind for a while now and I can’t wait any longer” He says nervously, in fact I’ve never seen him this nervous about anything.

“Okay then ask me” I say curiously

“Will Du be my girlfriend? I know it’s sudden and it’s not in person but I want Du to be mine and I want to be yours, I want to say that you’re my girlfriend when I’m talking to my Friends and I want to be the one Du consider your boyfriend when you’re talking to your Friends and I…” It came out so simple

“Yes, yes and yes. I’d Liebe to be your girlfriend”

And that’s when I woke up Von my alarm clock, stupid thing, I enjoyed that dream tremendously and the damn thing had to ruin it for me.

If I didn’t need it to get up for school every morning I probably would’ve broke the thing. So annoying

The Tag is finally over and I’m heading home, thankfully I couldn’t bär being in that classroom any longer, although thinking about Lucas helped pass the time.

2 days later

Lucas’s POV:

I told everyone that I’d be Home in a week but in reality I’m at the airport in baum Hill, I had heard that its Brooke’s birthday and I didn’t want to miss it for anything. I have been planning this sort of surprise for her the past couple weeks oder so that I really think she’ll enjoy, I’m sure my family will be there at the party so that way they can see me as well.

“Hey man, you’re home! It’s about time!” Andy sagte to me after I had grabbed my bag

“Yeah, I’m Home and hopefully I’m staying Home this time” that was kind of a lie to please him, as sagte before I’m not sure I want to stay Home and although Brooke might be the reason for me staying Home Du never know if things are going to go how Du want them to go.

“I got that box Du wanted, what did Du want t for anyway?” He questioned

“Well, see I’ve been planning to…”

Brooke’s POV:

‘Eyeliner: Check, Lip Gloss: Check, Cell phone: Check, Good outfit: Check, Bikini: Check’

I’m running around my room making sure I got everything I need before heading over Justine’s house, I’ve never been this excited about a birthday before, it’s probably because before I spent it with a boy instead of with family members oder Friends so to have someone throwing a party for me, it’s all very exciting.

I hope I get some good gifts, that’s a little fucked up since presents aren’t all a party is about, but seriously? What girl doesn’t like gifts!?
After making sure I have everything I drive over to Justine’s and walk past the presents and I see all of these small presents wrapped up in shiny wrapping paper and then this huge box catches my eye and I start brainstorming what it could possibly be.

Presents this Jahr is going to be so much fun! 18th birthday is golden!

Lucas’s POV:

I arrived an Stunde oder so Vor and I’m getting tired of waiting patiently, I hear tons of chatter outside and I can’t help but wonder when they’re just going to open the gifts.

I’d really like to stretch my legs some, I feel myself getting moved so I get prepared

Brooke’s POV:

I opened all the other presents slowly since I want to see what’s in the big box but at the same time I’m scared to see what’s in the big box.

I got clothes, gift cards and hair stuff but none of that compares to what could possibly be in here.

Someone finally brings it over and I start to open it, just as I get to tape cut off someone pops out

“LUCAS!” I hear Justine call out as well as his mom then they quickly run over to see him after about a Minute of trying to get over the shock I shout out Lucas as well and we all run over to hug him.

“Surprise!” He states proudly considering he definitely surprised me as he hugs us all back “Happy 18th birthday, pretty girl, hopefully I’m a good enough present cause if not I should probably go buy something” He says with a wink at the end.

“No, you’re perfect” I say and then I hug him again

Best Birthday Ever.