I have somewhat come to the realization that LP will be endgame. At this point Mark has done everything in his power to solidify this fact. However I cannot condone the way that he has foolishly portrayed this couple. In the process he has ruined for me two great characters; an endearing, powerful woman (Peyton), and an admirable, romantic (Lucas). Most recently I have been especially aggravated with “the comet philosophy.” This is my rant so it is not particularly diplomatic...hence why I gepostet it here in the Brucas spot and not the OTH spot. I needed my own cathartic moment!lol

Okay, so IMO LP made sense in the first episodes of S1. I may not have been incredibly excited for they’re pending relationship, but it was obviously brewing. Even immediately intrigued Von Brooke and Lucas I could foresee problems. Brooke was insecure, no doubt. Lucas was confused and above all immature. Their S1 demise was inevitable due to the character flaws stated in both. At this point there was nothing about this couple that screamed out perfect oder even plausible, but nonetheless they ALWAYS seemed REAL. For this I held their relationship to a higher regard. In the aftermath the Leyton affair that ensued was a cheap and utterly despicable disaster. While I can sympathize with Peyton’s predicament, in that she changed her mind too late and regretted it, I cannot for the life of me understand the way in which she went about correcting it. The same goes for Lucas. On what planet is cheating an acceptable segue into an epic Liebe story? Bottom-line: none of them were in the same place in terms of what they desired romantically. Furthermore neither of them knew what it was that they did in fact desire.

Regardless of what actually transpired in S1 I think that this season set the tone for the following 3 and it wasn’t in the way that Mark had envisioned. See, that is the problem with TV dramas. Unlike a novel, even a novel series (Twilight), a TV series commands an audience for an undetermined period of time. It is easier to follow a specific direction with a novel. The Autor introduces a certain group of characters and builds up a particular chain of events that will ultimately end in a pre-determined couple (i.e. Bella and Edward). Jacob, while he has a tremendous amount of support, was never the direction; he was the distraction. If OTH were a novel oder even the intended motion picture LP could have fulfilled their “destiny” in a realistic manner. Brooke and Jake could have been the lovely distractions and in the end the idea of “Your Art Matters” + “When Du fixed my car, Du fixed my heart” would equal the “Comet” philosophy. However the dynamics of the show, from S2 on, challenged Mark’s original vision. In a last ditch effort to pull his beloved Leyton together he went against years of established history and threw the entire town of TH into a LP haven, chock full of cookie dough fights, confetti rain and motel sex. All of which translated on screen as a cheesy, scripted and lacking passion. I spent the entire S4 in bewilderment of the blasphemy that was unveiling before my eyes. Come S5 though I was miraculously back to nodding my head because I felt as though Mark had finally come to his senses and realized it himself. I could go on for days explaining how various aspects of S5 made it crystal clear that Leyton were far from “meant to be,” but for the sake of time I will focus! The point is, on Lindsey/Lucas’s wedding Tag I realized I had witnessed nearly 10 years of TH and sadly, at this point, nothing about Leyton made sense to me!

So, when I heard these words…

It was Mehr than just a comet, because of what it brought to his life. Direction. Beauty. Meaning. There were many who didn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them, but even in his darkest hours he knew in his herz that someday it would return to him. And his world would be whole again. His belief in God, and love, and art, would be reawakened in his heart.

I began to shake my head again. This time it was in complete disbelief. Why? Well, the whole idea that this verse somehow defines Peyton in Lucas’s life disgusts me, it literally makes me ill. The timeline’s of Lucas and Peyton just don’t fit! None of the phrases in this verse align with the actual history of OTH. So lets see…

What did Peyton bring to Lucas’s life? Direction? Beauty? Meaning?
1.    Okay, again in S1 this makes sense. However in S1 Lucas was an emotionally confused, pre-pubescent, 16-year old loner with a crush on the equally complicated Peyton Sawyer. I found no evidence to the fact that Lucas’s “crush” materialized into anything other than just that; an infatuation. Now I might be callous in saying this, but on all accounts I think its safe, sicher to say that if an infatuation brings direction oder meaning to your life Du can go ahead and call yourself a stalker.lol
2.    The relationship they did form in S1 ended abruptly because it was an immature affair. “The seeds were planted,” yes, but they never bloomed!
3.    Lucas had very clear direction towards Brooke in S2-S4, and then Lindsey S5. He has these spurts of clarity thrown into the series where he realizes Peyton is “the one”, but it isn’t consistent. And, in these moments he generally has to have someone direct him towards this “greater meaning” in his life. He came to his own realization that he couldn’t imagine his life without Brooke. I think the 3- Jahr gap in S5 is evidence that he can withstand this separation with Peyton.
4.    Now, beauty…okay, I’ll pass on this one because it is arbitrary. But, meaning? Seriously…what meaning did she bring to him? Other than positioning himself to be her personal knight in shining armor I don’t see much meaning to his life. When she came back in S5 she didn’t bring any meaning to his life other than ruining it once again.

Now, really friends…was there ever ANYONE who doubted Lucas and Peyton? Did he ever actually walk among ANYONE who didn’t understand, let alone not bend over backwards to alert him of he and Peyton’s destiny?
1.    NO! In fact, I can think of only ONE person who even questioned their “undeniable connection” and that was Mouth!
2.    EVERYONE in this series has made it a personal vendetta to point out LP’s epic Liebe story and bring him oder her together. Even Brooke, who has never loved oder sacrificed Mehr for any 2 people in her life, believes that they are meant to be!

In his darkest hours he knew in his herz it would return to him “someday”?
1.    “Someday” is Jeytons! Why is it that Mark feels compelled to recycle old material? I am aware that Jeyton was an a million times better couple, trust, but if Du are going to make a point to use an analogy like this at least make it their own for peets sake!
2.    Every time Peyton injects herself into Lucas’s life from what I can see she creates the “darkest” hours!

And, his herz will be whole again? Be serious…this is a joke right?
1.    It didn’t appear to be whole again after Peyton returned and Lindsey left his sorry butt. In fact, he left for a sailing trip for a month. Then he mended his broken herz with Brooke, not Peyton. How was her presence able to bring his world together again? If anything she flipped it upside down!
2.    Lucas and Peyton both being emotional messes sets these two up for disaster. In the words of my mother… like two wrongs don’t make a right…two messes only makes for one, bigger mess!lol The part of LP, which I Frage the most is whether they can truly overcome the issues from their childhoods that they both took with them well into adulthood. Maybe Mehr so, I find it hard to believe that they bring out the ability to do so in each other…and therefore I cannot believe in them.

Reawaken his heart’s belief in God, and love, and art?
1.    You would think that if these things were actually reawakened in his herz that Lucas wouldn’t be so ridiculous and ignorant to vow his Liebe for another woman, engage in the sacrament of matrimony, and dismiss God in his own home!
2.    He started to write again? Big shit…the whole premise of the novel, “the comet” is refutable.

IMO, the idea of “the comet” as an example of Leyton’s epic Liebe is a disgrace. Mark should be ashamed. It makes absolutely no sense! The only coherent parallel between the two is that she drives a car Von the same name. Ugh! I could make a novel explaining how far off this notion is! In fact, I think I could make a Mehr genuine argument for how it is reminiscent of Brucas.lol. Hmm, I may do just that…Hope Du enjoy my rant.