Ok so i hate peyton soo much of course Du know that =] There are MILLIONS of reasons why i absoloutly cant STAND HER!!!

1.In the first season she cheats on her BEST Friends boyfriend.BUt that is not the worst part. When brooke tells peyton "I'm falling for him" and also that she likes him alot she still has an on going affair behind her back.She also gets made a brooke for being mad at her!!

2.In the 3rd season she tells brooke that she still has feeling for lucas. I know that she was trying to be honest but she sagte to brooke that she wont hurt her right after the shooting WERE LUCAS&PEYTON KISS!!! She tells brooke that she wont do anything to hurt her and that she has no feelings for lucas.But right after that she goes all i Liebe him and i has feelings for him.In the speech to peyton she says that she didnt want her to know about her feelings then WHY DID SHE TELL HER!!!!!

3.At the wedding peyton asks brooke if she loves lucas.Brooke responds "HOw dare Du ask me that about my boyfriend!" then peyton says "NOon of those words were"yes peyton i Liebe him" but in the first season brooke asks peyton do Du Liebe lucas she just stands there and says NOTHING!!! LIKE BROOKE DID!!!!!

4.In season 4 peyton goes after lucas WHILE BROOKE HAS FEELING FOR HIM!!!! She delibretly goes behind brookes back and says to lucas "i Liebe you" but lucas says Ok LOL that was funny!!!Lucas kept repeating to her i Liebe brooke but she STILL goes after him!!!!

5.ALSO when brook was drunk and nathan&peyton broke up brooke slept w/nathan.SHE WAS DRUNK and that was SOOO LONG!! Also they were broken up!! FYI brooke&lucas werent broke up either time peyton went after him!!! Peyton gets made at brooke.BUT in the first season she doesnt understand why brooke is mad at her! WHAT A HYPRACRITE!!!! (sry dont know how to spell LMAO)

6.When they had the fight in the lawn peyton says "Why dont Du go naked think of how much time you'll spend hooking up with someone elses boyfriend" OMG I GOT SOO MAD WHEN SHE SAD THIS!! She had an ON GOING affair w/lucas WHILE brooke and him were dating!!! Also Lucas&Peyton would have slept together if brooke's halskette didnt get stuck in peyton's hair!!

7.Also When brooke was mad at peyton for going after lucas while they were dating in the 3rd season. In the 4rth season Peyton wants the breyton friendship to go back to NORMAL!! AFTER all that stuff happend. I WAS LIKE OMG!! WHAT AN ASS!!!

I have MANY MANY Mehr reason why i HATE peyton.But
if Du guys want to add anything feel free =] GOOO PEYTON&LEYTON HATERS!!!!