4. Fergus
He's funny and I liked him a lot at the beginning. I don't like the way he was Schauspielen when the lords were introducing their sons. I also liked how he supports Merida. My favourite part is when he was laughing with Merida, while she was making fun of the lords' sons. Overall, he's a great character.

3. The triplets
They're very funny and mischievous. I like their reactions of taking the Essen from Maudi. I find them a bit intelligent. Overall, I Liebe their reactions.

2. Elinor
I like that she tries to teach Merida lessons. She loves her daughter although she refused to listen to her. She knew what was best for Merida. After all, she is a mother. I agree with her but I just agree with Merida a bit more.

1. Merida
I knew she was wrong at the beginning but I still agreed with her. She made a bad choice but she just wanted to prove herself right. I Liebe that she apologised for what she did and changed a lot at the end.