6. Learn me right
It has a great meaning and message. The Musik is also nice, I don't enjoy the Singen voice much.

5. Song of Mor'du
I like it but I feel that it's a mess. I Liebe the lyrics but I don't like the way the men shouts.

4. Touch the sky
I Liebe the Musik and the scene. The Singen voice was also amazing. It is meaningful and I can relate to it.

3. Noble maiden fair (reprise)
It's the same as Noble maiden fair, only the scene is different. I think Noble maiden fair's scene is a bit better. But I Liebe the scene for Noble maiden fair (reprise) too.

2. Into the open air
It is very meaningful and I Liebe the scene. I like that it shows mother-daughter relationship. The Musik is great and the song is very sweet.

1. Noble maiden fair
I Liebe this lullaby! Elinor's voice is awesome although I don't enjoy Merida's voice so much. It is a sweet and meaningful song/lullaby.

Sorry for making it short, I couldn't make it any longer. Anyway, thanks for reading!