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 I just Liebe updated pic of Brase.
I just love updated pic of Brase.
Why does no one Liebe this couple, except me?

I decided to write another Artikel because I was getting a annoyed Von no one at all in the entire world, ever loving Brase. Am I the only one here???
I guess I am. I’m glad I’m not the only Brulian hater out there. But the only reason the Brulian haters, hate Brulian is because of their Liebe for Brucas.
No one loves Brase. I used to be a massive Leyton shipper, then Brucas came along and I was kinda into both. But then I saw the last episode of season three and I got back to Leyton a bit more. But Brase has been the first couple on this Zeigen that...
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 can Du see the way she looks at Chase!!!!
can you see the way she looks at Chase!!!!
Reasons For my Liebe of the couple Brase, and why it’s better than Brulian:

Brooke met Chase in high school when she was still herself, and the fun lovin’ Brooke that we all know and love. Chase was the first guy who she was ever able to really open up to. IMO he was the first guy that she felt real Liebe for, and that was reciprocated. They’re Liebe was real, and very realistic. The first time they sagte that they loved each other was cute and that’s how it actually happens in real life. It accidentally slipped out. And it was unconditional. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

To me Brulian...
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