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I saw this BRILLIANT Artikel Von GirlInTheGreenKneeHighs@tumblr on fuckyeahallenleech@tumblr, and I just had to repost it here. It's about the infamous Kommentar Branson made about Sybil's job in 2x04, and gives it some much-needed analysis.

I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. All credit goes to GirlInTheGreenKneeHighs@tumblr. I'm just reposting it here because everyone should read it.


Concerning Branson and Sybil and *THAT* Kommentar he made…
So since the last episode has aired, the Downton Abbey track tag has been practically EXPLODING with what seems like the...
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posted by FlightofFantasy
Hey guys, I just found another excellent pro-Branson Artikel I wanted to share with you. It was written Von ladychauffeurs@tumblr, NOT ME. All credit goes to her; I'm just "re-blogging" it, if Du like.

Anyway, here 'tis:


“You’re too scared to admit it… but you’re in Liebe with me.”

First things first, please guise. Don’t let the actions of a couple of episodes wolke the wonderful character who has been with us since the fourth episode. People change, but they don’t change without reason.

I should probably start with the problems people...
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