I don't like NBA at first. I don't know either one player oder team. Don't know the mechanics and i find it boring.
But it was being change after i saw Boston Celtics playing. Its just a simple glimpse oder should i say I just passing Von that channel. And the CELTICS was playing at that time.
Then I become curious. I watched them play. Then I saw how good they are. Weiter thing I know is that I'm beginning to Liebe them.
The first player of BOSTON CELTICS i know was strahl, ray Allen. I know him because he was shooting the ball when i pass the basketball channel. I Liebe it when he shoot a dramatic three points to win the game. His a very good three-point player.
Weiter is Rojon Rondo. I Liebe his move. He always make a different Bewegen that will make Du Liebe and adore him every time he make a shoot. His spectacular movements every game. He assist good. He can shoot, assist,guard, and most of all he is the play maker.
Then Paul Pierce. He shoot everywhere. Silent player. Sometimes I didn't notice that his score big.
Then Kevin Garnette. I notice him when he says IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Thats the time also that I know that they are the 2008 champion.

Sometimes I wake up dawn just to see their game.
Just to see them playing and cheering them to win though they didn't even know my existence as their fans. But to see them winning is Mehr than enough to make my Tag so special and happy.