The Vampire Game trilogy
I was recently asked Von a collegue what my Favorit read of the Jahr was--I review a hell of a lot of new material every year. Matter-of-factly, I blurted out my answer without a Sekunde thought, "The Vampire Game Von Les Bailey," I told him. "In fact, I loved the entire trilogy, It was extremely well written and the Schreiben pulled me into another world away from my own. And the way I see it, that's exactly what a good novel is supposed to do!" I told him.

When I first came across Bailey's novel, he was a first-time published author. New to the world of publishing, oder so I was told Von his agent, But after Lesen the piece I was skeptical. It was as if this Autor had been Schreiben for a hundred years.

I was carried away on every word.

His Schreiben was passionate and meticulous in its delivery, and as I wrote in an earlier review, the book, in fact, the whole trilogy, excels in depth of character and in beautiful language.

So I was excited to hear that Facebook, the social media powerhouse, will be carrying ads to promote the trilogy and standing behind it!

Facebook ads have huge "sell power" so I'm confident that The Vampire Game will soon be in millions of households throughout the world! As it deserves to be!

I'm also hearing rumors that the book trilogy is causing quite the stir among a few A-list Hollywood types. As well as it should. Even my daughter continually asks when they're going to make Vampire Game into a movie.

Get with it Hollywood!

Les Bailey's Vampire Game trilogy is now available through amazonas, amazon and Kindle, both paperback and electronic formats.

Don't let this Lesen season go Von without having your own copy of The Vampire Game.
The very handsome Autor Les Bailey at a book signing!