The Vampire Game; Discovery
As promised last year, Autor Les Bailey has released his initial literary offing, The Vampire Game: Discovery, in paperback.

First published solely through Kindle Books, the story hit the ground running, causing quite the stir in literary and social media circles. contributor, known only as Fanmaven2015, (our boss!) had this to say about Bailey's story:

“This debut novel is not only one of the finest tales of the undead in my Kürzlich memory, it has brought me back to the vampire genre which was growing stale for me, sadly. Thank you, Mr. Bailey.”

Fanmaven goes on the say, “Passionate and meticulous in its delivery, the author's prose feeds us tantalizing hints of things to come in his story. In my humble opinion this literary offering excels in depth of character, in beautiful language and a unique storyline that made this tale a must re-read,” the writer gushed.

Bailey is a former student of Randy Jernigan's The Writers Studio located in Utah. Randy had this to say about Bailey's book:

"I almost feel like a proud grandpa. I always knew Les would do something great with his talents. I remember him Lesen a short piece of a story he'd written in one of my classes. I remember feeling chills run up and down my spine hoping the story would never end. It was the same feeling I got when I first read The Vampire Game. What an awesome book! What a story!"

The Vampire Game: Discovery is the first book in a trilogy, and according to, several film producers are eying the vampire tale for feature film release.

Du can purchase your own copy of The Vampire Game: Discovery at in both paperback and digital.---Updated 7/11/2016, Von contributors Beth Sparks/Jon McCosker
Autor Les Bailey