Stars That Make A Difference: Ellen
After his success with 'The Life and Career of Marie Osmond,' Fan book series Autor Randy Jernigan has wasted no time in moving on to the Weiter super-star to be brought to life in the series. the one and only Ellen DeGeneres!

New Ellen Bio
"I've always been an admirer of Ellen's work, not just as a talk Zeigen host and comedian, but as a person too," says Jernigan of his Weiter subject. "Ellen does a lot of wonderful things for people on the Zeigen as well as in her personal life that most people never hear about. She's an inspiration to a lot of people out there, especially the LGBT community, so I'm excited to be featuring her in this Fan book series."

Known as the dancing comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has become a beloved Fernsehen Icon and entertainment pioneer. Ellen's distinctive comic voice resonates with audiences from her stand-up comedy routines, in Fernsehen and film, and even in the literary world.

'Stars That Make A Difference: Ellen DeGeneres' is expected to chronicle Ellen's early childhood years, little known details of her private life, as well as her long career as a comedian and Fernsehen host and more.

Randy is well known in the magazine business for his "concise and biting interview style" and has a respected reputation for getting to the meat of a story. He has worked as a freelance entertainment journalist for Mehr than 25 years, covering the private lives and careers of such Berühmtheiten as Marie Osmond, Taylor Swift, Daniel Radcliffe, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise, to name a few.

New Projects
In addition to the release of his “Ellen” biography, Randy's Summer Schreiben projects will include an enormously different project for a major Fernsehen network and their publishing house—God.

“'God, Faith and Humanity' is a book and Fernsehen project that picks up where morgan Freeman's 'The Story of God' leaves off,” explains the author. “I'm not really at liberty to give Du too much here but I can tell Du this piece will explore devout faith, whatever it may be in, and in whom, and how that faith translates and sustains the individual who possesses it,”said Randy. “I've always been a person of faith, even though my belief system has changed a lot over the last few years,” he said.

What the future holds
Future plans include several Mehr celebrity biographies like Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas and Daniel Radcliffe. Also another screenplay and Fernsehen project. “Hope to be developing a Fernsehen project with a great new writer friend this Summer” Randy added. Then as I recently reported Randy will be reopening The Writers Studio and teaching classes to new writers. “I Liebe teaching and working with new talent. There's just nothing like a room full of creative writers—the synergy is amazing!”