The Life and Career of Marie Osmond
When celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan announced that he would be publishing a series of Fan Bücher celebrating stars that had positive reputations, he had no inkling of the tidal wave of hateful, mean spirited Kommentare about to come his way.

Shortly after his publishing company's announcement, several online tabloids wrote negative pieces about Randy's book series. Even beliebt blogger Perez Hilton wrote a story, attributing Zitate to Randy that proved false and misleading. When these reports began to surface, online trolls began to flock to Randy's social media pages leaving Kommentar after Kommentar taking aim at everything from his Schreiben talents to his looks and age.

“I was absolutely dumbfounded—I wanted to just crawl under a rock and hide,” Randy recently told Chicago's KSCR Indie Radio in an early morning interview.

“My project was a very positive one yet I was receiving all this hate from people that didn't even know me.”

When Randy released his first Fan book, The Life and Career of Marie Osmond, six of his most prolific haters gepostet negative Kommentare on his amazonas, amazon page. "Which didn't surprise me--they actually told me they would..."

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time the Autor had to face off against the cruel taunts of online trolls. Last Jahr when Randy was asked Von a conservative radio host (in his Home state of Utah) about his public support of Hillary Clinton for office, he found himself once again subjected to the public's very harsh, critical rantings—this time on air.

“These types of hateful Kommentare can rattle a person just a bit. Makes Du think twice about the guy walking just behind Du in the mall,” he added.

But this time around, Randy decided to take matters into his own hands and addressed the radio hater on air. While his language may have shocked some listeners, the writer says he has no regrets about using “extreme” language for an extreme situation.

“Sometimes you've just gotta stand up for your rights—even if a lot of people are listening,” Randy explained on air.

Now, Randy is Mehr determined than ever to stand up for his rights to share his opinions and be heard and is urging others not to stay silent when they see bullying of any kind taking place.

“We just can't allow bullies to win. If we fight the good fight, we can effect a positive change,” the Autor said.
Autor Randy Jernigan