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posted by deedragongirl
 I Liebe to read!
I love to read!
Hi guys, I would like to write down some of my favourite Bücher that I had previously and currently reading.

The Harry Potter Series

I Liebe Harry Potter series, because it's very intrigue and I Liebe J.K Rowling's style of writing. She's one of the inspiration in writing! So salute to her and will read the latest Harry Potter book once it comes out.

The Chronicles of Narnia

I had always thought that this is even better than Harry Potter because it's Mehr extraordinary and has Mehr suspense.
However, one of the things that I was disappointed that Susan Pevensie did not Mitmachen the gang in 'The Last Battle'. If she was, we would be very happy with the ending especially!

Love, Rosie/ When Rainbows End

This is highly unusual because I like how the story is told through E-Mail format. I also Liebe the Irish accent because it's sound sexy and extraordinary unusual!

P.S. I Liebe You

Another novel written Von Cecilia Ahern, the story teaches to let it go of my bereavement, especially the Lost of my loved ones.

The Hunger Games

I'm about to finish Lesen this book, and I have to say that the story is very complex. Well that's because I have to watch the movie in order to understand the story.

The Lord of the Rings

The story is very sinister and long, but I Liebe the third book, the Return of the King because I Liebe Happy Ending!

Paper Towns

I had seen the movie after Lesen the book, and I am quite amaze that the former is 100% faithful towards the latter. So bravo!

The Fault in our Stars

The same as Paper Towns, it's also faithful towards the book despite a couple of changes in it.

The Da Vinci Code

This book was the subject of controversy with the Catholic Church, but the story fascinates me!

Angels & Demons

For obvious reasons, this is one of my favourite Bücher out of Dan Brown's books.


Since the movie is coming out, I'm going to read the book again. It is also another must read book.


So there Du have it, I Liebe to read and will write Mehr for bookworm like myself!
 Team Narnia all the way!
Team Narnia all the way!
 Harry Potter!
Harry Potter!
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He’s looking at me like – well, like he wants to look at me. Like he likes what he sees, and he’s smiling and his eyes are so blue, even in the faint glow of the porch light they shine, and I nod dumbly, blindly, then grope for the door handle, telling myself to look away and not yet able to do it.
“Sarah,” he says, softly, almost hesitantly, and my herz slam bangs, beating hard, and this is what it’s like to want someone Du can’t have. To want someone Du shouldn’t even be looking at.
Sarah is in quite the predicament. She’s riding that rollercoaster of first Liebe – the...
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posted by pure-angel
Eve knew the stories of the Fall, of a time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. She’s seen the aftermath of the technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter, able to grow new organs and limbs, how it evolved out of control. The machine took over and the soul vanished. A world quickly losing its humanity isn’t just a story to her though. At eighteen, this world is Eve’s reality.
In their Fallen world, Liebe feels like a selfish luxury, but not understanding what it is makes it difficult to choose between West, who makes her feel...
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posted by maja3322
 Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
Vampires – just because some of them sparkle doesn’t mean there’re all bad.

The Classical Vampire
The first vampire to appear in fictional literature was created Von the British Autor John William Polidori in his book ‘The Vampyre’. After this came the rather long short story ‘Carmilla’ Von Sheridan Le Fanu. But it was a work inspired Von these two stories that remains the greatest vampire story to this Tag – Bram Stoker’s ’Dracula’. ’Dracula’, which was published in 1897, started a Vampire craze the hasn’t ceased yet. It is in this novel that we find the original,...
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