The Kardashian Ladies
Elizabeth Wilson's Gut Feminism is a must read for all my readers out there. The work has been called an intersection of science studies and feminist theories. I loved this book, but then I would--anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sign waver at heart. Gotta get this book!

I'm hearing rumors that my Schreiben buddy Randy Jernigan will Veröffentlichen a new celebrity bio on the Kardashian ladies--including Caitlan, this Fall. Randy admitted to me late last Jahr that he was a Fan of KUWTK Zeigen and never missed an episode. Now, all the TV watching will pay off for you!

Also, it's about time for Randy's friend Les Bailey to release the paperback version of his best seller The Vampire Game: Discovery. The book was first released on Kindle with the promise that a paperback would follow. That excites me since I truly loved the book!

For my readers, please feel free to send me your own book notes oder Fragen about up and coming book events and I'll try and include it right here on this page!
Randy Jernigan with Autor Les Bailey