Losing to Win! Autor Randy Jernigan tells me that he hopes to resurrect his Writers Studio and begin teaching again.

The school, which boasts alum Les Bailey of The Vampire Game fame, was located in picturesque Utah and had a reputation for graduating several published novelists, a couple of beliebt poets, and even two produced screenwriters.

"I miss teaching," Randy recently told me in a phone interview from his Utah home. "There's nothing like the experience of being in a room of inspired, hungry, creative writers. The synergy is absolutely amazing!"

Randy tells me he hopes to begin teaching classes as early as mid-June 2016.

This Summer may prove to be a bit busy for Randy. According to Medium.com Randy will go back into the studio and host 30 new radio talk shows and he's also launched a new line of active wear that bears his motto: "Making the Rest of My Life, the Best of My Life!"

Wishing my friend Randy the best of luck in his creative ventures!
Randy's active wear line, hoodie