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Die Fanauswahl: He will became the king of Alagâesia
He will became the king of...
Die Fanauswahl: Arya
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darkrai6543 sagte …
i am making a fanfic on the inheritance cycle that occurs after inheritance, anyone wanna check it out?
link gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Sato_Sumire Kommentiert…
Too short, seriously need 2 write more. U have a great start, keep going kid! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
darkrai6543 Kommentiert…
dont worry they will get longer, i just didnt wanna get too into it in the first chapter. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dark_vanyar sagte …
Bücher -and reading- is the worst of addiction: it doesn't enslave your body, but your mind gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dragonsmemory Kommentiert…
One can be the freest of men, yet be bound tighter than a slave Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dark_vanyar Kommentiert…
wise words... Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dragonsmemory Kommentiert…
From a wise man, Garrow. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dark_vanyar Kommentiert…
:) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fugax123 sagte …
The book was well written, but the ending disappointed me. Because I'm sore most of the Fans (including myself) wanted Arya and Eragon to end up together. I'm hoping he will decide to make a 5th book where (in a strange twist of fate) they see each other again. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
dark_vanyar Kommentiert…
Totally agree... : ( Vor mehr als einem Jahr
freedove Kommentiert…
exactly Vor mehr als einem Jahr
darkrai6543 Kommentiert…
i agree completely, i bought Eragon and eldest 5 days ago, read them, rented brisingr, and then bought inheritance and was extremely dissapointed. Du wont hear me say it anywhere else but i wished Eragon and arya had ended up together as well, for in reading, nothing is Mehr gripping and interesting than romance, and it keeps me Lesen Bücher just to find out. so i was dissapointed with the turnout, i hope paolini makes a sequel series Vor mehr als einem Jahr