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posted by i_luv_Pelon_xxx
11:30am Monday 13th

Picaro stood still pulling a dirty look towards Catherine, which Catherine bounced back, almost like a mirror.
"look, picaro. Stay away from my friends, and stay well away from my boyfriend!" Catherine sagte putting one foot infront of the other and walking away all full of herself
"I don't what to hang about with your puny Friends anyway Du stupid bitch!" picaro sagte throwing his arms back as he turned around to see the back of catherine.
"did Du just call me a dog?!" Catherine shouted
"yeah I did!"
The two parted ways and headed off to their destination
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One of the hidden movie. Unlocked Von collecting cat medals. I will post Mehr too.
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9:35am Monday 13th
Blinx, pelon, necoji and catherine were stood at the lockers when a new boy walked Past them. The new boy was wearing a purple/pink jumper with black pants and white boots and gloves.
" newbie " necoji laughed
The group laughed back at him
"hey I was a new kid" pelon sagte breaking the laughter
Suki stood with her Friends when the same newbie walked past "yay new boy!" Suki sagte running up to him "walk with Du newbie??" Suki continued
"name Is not newbie, names picaro" picaro sagte walking on
"my names Suki" Suki told him in a flirty voice...
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No matter how much I struggled, I couldn't free myself from the metal ropes. The Time Sweepers were smarter than I thought. Much smarter.

The last time I ran into the pesky cats, me and my team were trying to steal a rare time crystal in the Dark Valley World. Naturally the Time Sweepers found us. We battled strong but the numbers seemed to double with every ticking minute. My team gave ourselves as the Time Sweepers closed in on us. Du could tell it was an easy capture with the look on their faces. They bounded my team in rope. Luckily for us we escaped thanks to Cino and the new...
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Necoji and picaro strolled along the walkway towards necoji's team room. They opened the door and there stood an upset Catherine
"Catherine I'm very sorry. I did wrong I know." picaro sagte holding catherines hand
"it was all a big misunderstanding, he is not from round here. Different words mean different things in other places" necoji sagte to reassure Catherine.
"I called Du beautiful" picaro continued "I'm sorry. I didn't know that hündin ment dog here, I thought it ment beautiful"
"" Catherine suffered off as she gave necoji a hug.
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12:00pm, Monday 13th

Necoji strolled down the corridors, eager to find picaro to deal with his girlfriends insultance. Necoji bumpped into rev and his girlfriend Chloe.
"sup looser" rev sagte pushing necoji out of the way
"hello rev" necoji sagte with evil eyes "where Du going"
"going to check out this new kid" rev replied holding his girlfriend close
"oh, so am I"
HA! Get the hell away from this new dude, he sounds totally cool and after what he sagte to Catherine. I want him for my gang" rev sagte holding necoji back
"I don't what him as a friend, well, not yet anyway, I am going to talk to him...
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