A self portrait of Tite Kubo
I thought I'd make an Artikel on some extra stuff i've found out about Bleach. So, without further ado, please continue reading;

The idea of Bleach was centered around Yin and Yang. Even the name "Bleach" was meant as "white on black". But before Bleach, it was called Snipe, about Shinigami with guns, and the main character was Rukia who was armed with a scythe. Because Pistolen and sycthes didn't exisit in the same era, it was retransformed into what we all Liebe today.

Tite Kubo always wanted to be a Manga artist. After his Favorit Manga he had based the Supernatural around Ge Ge Ge no Kitara and the fight scenes around Saint Seiya.

When Tite Kubo was in elementary, he was always fasinated Von designs and architecture. Tite designed all the pieces of clothing in Bleach around what he would like to buy. Ichigo's t-shirts have been manifactured and sold as real products in a real Tokyo store called Urahara Soten.

Tite is very specific with his colours.

Tatsuki's Favorit wristband is the exact colour of Ichigo's hair.

Orihime's hair isn't really orange. It's carmel brown.

Ichigo deeply respects William Shakespeare.

Tite Kubo didn't think anyone would like Shuhei Hisagi.

Tite Kubo has hundreds of cds that he plays while drawing Bleach. He has gegeben each character a unique theme song.

An entire calendar was made especially for the Arrancar arc.

Tite Kubo recieved thousands of letters about Ulquiorra's death. He didn't declare whether oder not Ulquiorra was dead.

Ulquiorra was the first Arrancar Tite Kubo created.

Tite sagte that the arc after Arrancar would be short- involving Isshin, but the one after that would be one of the longest arcs. Unohana will have a fight scene.

The most beliebt Vizoreds are Hirako and Hiyori.

In an older interview, Tite Kubo sagte that the bodies that Mayuri finds in Szayel's lab will be very important later.

Tite Kubo made a lot of Bleach meanings and figures around other languages like Spanish.

The Espada's attacks are loosely based on the seven deadly sins. The Espada's actual names are loosely based on archiets names.

There's an entire Uncyclepedia of Bleach, using the Bleach cast as Models and Wird angezeigt their "relationship" with Tite Kubo.

Every single on of the Bleach characters hold a little bit of Tite Kubo's personality.

That's all I've got for now! I'll post Mehr later!