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oben, nach oben 10 Times Blair Was the Best Character on Gossip Girl

Chuck & Blair | I Have Fragen

Chuck & Blair | Liebe is a hündin

Blair Waldorf | schloss WALLS

Blair Waldorf || Breathe Again

● Blair Waldorf | wolkenkratzer

Blair Waldorf | Human

blair waldorf | elastic herz

▶Blair Waldorf || Carmen

Blair Waldorf | Ain't My Fault

Blair Waldorf | Dangerous Woman

blair waldorf | ME TOO

►Blair Waldorf | Horns

Chuck + Blair || Photograph

■[GG]: Chuck/Blair - Liebe the way Du lie■

● Chuck & Blair | Stay with me

► ”Anybody capable of Liebe is capable of being saved.” Chuck\Blair & Klaus\Caroline (Saturn)

► ”If two people are meant to be together...” Chuck & Blair\Klaus & Caroline

chuck & blair || idfc

● Chuck & Blair | I can't even

● Chuck & Blair | Crazy in Liebe

● chuck and blair | i don't know how [#5]

►Chuck & Blair | Home

♥ Blair Waldorf || Big Girls Cry (9500+subs!!) ♥

Blair Waldorf - Carmen

I'm the best of the best.I'm Blair Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf; I was here



Chuck&Blair Best Sex Scene


Dan is gossip girl

Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Carmen

Chuck&Blair:: They Don't Know About Us: [preview]

Gossip girl Cast | We are Young

Chuck+Blair | For blue skies

Chuck + Blair | I Liebe Du so much, it consumes me.

Chuck + Blair | Boy, I will be your sexy silk

Chuck + Blair / Set feuer to the third bar

Gossip Girl // What if I stay like this forever?

Chuck + Blair / B L O O D S T R E A M

Blair Waldorf - Dropped

Ballad of a Teenage Queen - Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

[multifemales] • "Then Liebe until we bleed"

i would be lucky to find me a man, who could Liebe me the way that i am.

Chuck & Blair | You're everything

Chuck & Blair | Mr Brightside

Chuck + Blair - She will be loved

Blair/Chuck - Fix Du

Chuck + Blair | You're All I Need , You're Everything.. (5x16)

Chuck and Blair - Don't Let Me Go

Gossip Girl 5x20 "Salon of the Dead" Sneak Peek (1)

Gossip Girl 5x20 Promo | "Salon of the Dead" [HD]

Gossip Girl 5x19 - "It Girl, Interrupted" Promo (HD)

Chuck & Blair | Please, Chuck, just Bewegen on and be happy

Blair & Serena|♦| No ones gonna Liebe Du Mehr than I do.....

dan&blair | breakfast at tiffanys

[[Сhuck and Blair]] - Story of their fairytale [for TheMrsLondon]

Dan/Blair - Sound Of Settling

Dan | Blair - Where we've always been

[Dan | Serena] [Chuck | Blair] ► Chasing Cars (SAVE THEM!)

in pieces | chuck + blair (collab w/blurofyellow

Blair Waldorf ~ Oh my God

chuck & blair | dust and Gold

Chuck & Blair |♦| Last train Home

Chuck + Blair | Take me back to the start..

Dan&Blair || Bird Song Intro

dan & blair | i saw what it was that i had done to Du

dan/serena chuck/blair dan/blair [the pieces don't fit anymore] Gossip Girl HD

Somebody I Used To Know { Chuck & Blair }

Holding A Heart; Chuck + Blair

Chuck&Blair - [I won't ease your strain]

chuck & blair || i can't take it! [w themrslondon for blurofyellow]

I don't wanna be scared | chuck&blair

Dan&Blair||Fuckin' Perfect

dan & blair | i will be

Du make my herz beat faster ....

Gossip Girl - Season 5 - NEW Set Fotos - 5th March 2012 (Chuck, Blair & Dan)

Sooner or Later

staring at it | chuck & blair

Blair Waldorf When She Cries (Preview) Link In Info (Full Vid Done)

blair waldorf | the downfall (season 5)

DB || When your crown begins to slip. [5x14]

Blair Waldorf (When She Cries)

Chuck & Blair [Blouis & Dair] | That was it [5x13]

Chuck & Blair - We Found Liebe

chuck & blair; we found Liebe

Chuck and Blar - Fix Du

Dan & Blair ~ Stay

Chuck&Blair L 'I won't let Du go...'

Blair/Chuck- Like ships in the night

Hey! - Chuck&Blair

All I Need||Dair

#6. a million mile from home, I'm walking ahead | gossip girl

like ships in the night, Du keep passing me by; | Chuck + Blair *Wish #3 [Ginny]*

Chuck & Blair | Jar of Hearts | AUDIOSWAP!