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added by xxprincessxx22
Thunder blackblood , the alpha of blackblood team and moonrise the female alpha of the nightwhispers pack , can be friends? how is that even possible? in the begging of the comic Moonrise shows friendship to ThunderB. in comic 1 , thunder goes into the Nightwhispers land and Moonrise greets him nicely "hello blackblood , glad Du could stop by" moonrise smiles , but Thunder didnt smile back(of corse DUH!) . can moonrise like Thunder blackblood ? *spoilers!!* after lindsay gets in hot water , moonrise doesnt seen sure about her choice , she let out a sigh . even though moonrise had no proof...
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posted by 123wolf123
this si a wolf comic , not like any other , a am a friend of lindsey and jake , and i know alot about the comic ! the first comic is in series 1 , awoken enemys . where rapier ,the leader of the badland empire wants to attak the nightwhispers pack , but they know that blackbloods are protecting them . Rapier sends out swiftdeath to "fix" that problem , i wont tell Du what happend cause thast a spoler , and mean while thunder blackblood , the alpha of the blackblood team is about to brek with problems , thunder never smiles , he has never been seen smileing in the comic oder grinning . and Thunder also has a secret lover .what will happen Weiter ...