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This Big Time Rush foto might contain in flaschen abgefülltes wasser and wasser in flaschen.

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Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boy

Have Du ever had the feeling you're drawn to someone? Yeah
And it isn't anything they could've sagte oder done?
And everyday I see Du on your own
And I can't believe that you're alone
But I overheard your girls and this is what they said

Looking for a, looking for a
That you're looking for a boyfriend, I see that
Give me time, Du know, I'm gonna be that
Don't be scared to come, put your trust in me
Can't Du see all I really want to be

Is your boyfriend, can't...
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 Big time rush!!
Big time rush!!
James and his friend logan are out on the pool having a great time, when a girl passes Von them. she was very preety! she had long silky brown hair and hazel eyes.(like james)There jaws dropped! she was hot and sexy at the same time.she looked familur though. james phone started to ring.
Gostavo:get down to the studio right now!!!
Gostavo:I told Du Du guys are gonna do a duet with my famous daughter! Now tell the rest of the Hunde to get their butts over here!!
James:fine! well be there.*hangs up*
Logan:who was that?
James:Gustavo! Studio with the others.
Logan:okay then! lets...
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 Big Time Rush (L-R): Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt
Big Time Rush (L-R): Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt
Nickelodeon has ordered a third season of “Big Time Rush,” its beliebt series about a created-for-TV band. Think “The Monkees” – just with actors who can really sing.

The network has picked up another 20 episodes of the show, which just completed production on the Sekunde season. Production on the new episodes will begin in January, perhaps after a TV movie, and air sometime during the first quarter of Weiter year. “It’s sad to end production, but we got the great news about the third season,” says cast member Carlos Pena.

“Big Time Rush” was created Von Nickelodeon and Sony as...
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 The Guys Poseing
The Guys Poseing
*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush Comedy
Logan Found out that his mom got married to Carlos' Dad Now Carlos and Logan are now Brothers Lets find out what happens to the guys in this episode!
Logan:Guess what?
Carlos:Chocolate is now the National Candy
Kendall:Jo and me are now GF and BF
James:My Lucky Comb is the National Comb
Logan:all of yall are wrong
Carlos,James,Kendall:What is it!
Logan:My mom got married
James,Kendall,Carlos:Thats Not Weird
James:To who
Logan:A Guy
*Kendall's cell phone started to ring*
Gustavo:Kendall Hunde Now!
Kendall:We will...
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*Theme Song*
Kendall:Guys i just thought of something awesome!
James,Logan,Carlos:what is it?
Kendall:I'm dating Jo
James:i hate her!!!
Logan:James get a life!
Kendall:Thanks Carlos see how nice he is!
Carlos:I'm nice Katie
Katie:I bet Du can't be stupid for one day
Carlos:Yes i can
Carlos:You i can't step foot out of this apartment
Logan:I will judge this bet i just sealed this bet
Kendall:I'm hungry
James:Lets go to Red Robin
Logan:Ok I'm not paying
Kendall: I'm paying Logan
Logan:Thank Du Kendall
Carlos:Katie Du cant come
Katie:I so hungry
Kendall:Ask mom to make your Favorit tacos
An Stunde Later
Carlos:wait a minute!!!
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