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Big Time Rush
 Special Guest Star:Taylor Lantner
Special Guest Star:Taylor Lantner
OHEY :DD I'm Making a BigTimeComedy Episode and u all BigTimeComedyRushers! Its Sockoo and Socko! LOL xD I just made Another Account :D
*Theme Song*
To Be Continue! On BTRC! ...
Cast Members:Kendall Knight.. James Diamond.. Logan Mitchell.. Carlos Garcia.. Katie Knight.. Mama Knight.. Gustavo.. Kelly.. Jason Garcia.. John Mitchell.. Jack Diamond.. Hunter Knight.. Special Guest Stars:John Cena.. Roshon Fegan.. Miranda Cosgrove.. Bella Thorne.. Me
Lets Get Started
Kendall:Hey Guys
The Guys Except Kendall:Yea!
Kendall:There is a Zufällig Time thingy right behind Carlos
Carlos:O.O Wat The fondant, fudge Nugget...
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I gepostet a video and pick that Kendall was going to be guest starring on his brother Kevin's show!!! NOT TRUE!!!! What is true is that I heard it from a person and i automatically thought the dude was Kendall in the video when he was CLEARLY NOT!!!! I must have been BLIND oder something!!! Anyways i am sorry and i Will be getting payback with whoever she is REAL SOON!!!! AGAIN, sorry guys!!! I will erase the video!! and now so this will post and actually come up on the update Liste I will just put something to make it longer!!! Of course Du have seen it A MILLION times!!! >

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Big Time Rush
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