Team Hiro!
Hi everyone, I have seen this movie last Jahr and I was very impressed Von it. So we go!

The Story-Line

When I first watch the movie, I thought that it was very much like Hugo, because their respective loved ones only appear in the first 15-20 Minuten and then gets kill off. This lead to the main protagonist to become hopeful and to Bewegen on with their lives.
As the story progresses, it reminds me of the star, sterne Wars prequel, especially with Anakin and his relationship with the other star, sterne Wars characters as time goes by.

The Characters

My first impressions on Hiro was that he reminds me of Anakin Skywalker because he became very ambitious as time goes by. He managed to redeem himself after he realise that he's causing Mehr harm than good with his impulsive tendencies, his Friends also forgave him in the end and work as a team.

The Location

The location reminded me of my Japanese trip 7 years Vor although that it is set in the future, I would Liebe to go to Tokyo again as well as to other cities!

The Animation Style

Well the style is Disney, the movie reminds of authentic Japanese Manga and Anime. Especially the latter, it was like our favourite Anime cartoon were being made into 3D style!


Although in all my Zurück review are short, this is mostly unusual because I also observe on the Animation style as well, enjoy Lesen it!
This is so cool!