My Favorit part of most shows and films are the characters. Here are my opinions on the characters in Big Hero 6.

Hiro Hamada: Hiro is a good protagonist. He's a complex character. He has a somewhat troublemaking, but smart and nice personality. It's unique.

Baymax: I'm indifferent towards Baymax. He's amusing, but he didn't leave much of a impact in my opinion. Plus he's kind of overrated.

Fred: Even though Fred isn't my Favorit character he is the funniest. T.J. Miller is a awesome comedy actor who does a great job as Fred.

Wasabi: Wasabi was a pretty funny character with a down to Earth personality.

GoGo: GoGo was pretty cool and it's hard to think of anything else to say about her.

Mr. Callaghan: Mr. Callaghan was a pretty cool villain. I like his backstory and his costume.

Mr. Krei: Mr. Krei was a pretty cool character. I though he was a interesting character, because he was greedy but he wasn't a villain.

Tadashi Hamada: Tadashi was a decent character. He was nice, but he's kind of overrated.

Cass: Like Baymax I'm indifferent about Cass. She was okay.

and there's one Mehr character ........

Honey Lemon: The best character in the film!!!!! I pretty much Liebe everything about this character. I Liebe her personality, her kindness, her hair, her outfit, and her coolness. Honey zitrone is awesome.

my order of the Big Hero 6 characters from best to worst:

1. Honey zitrone

2. Fred

3. Hiro Hamada

4. Mr. Callaghan

5. Mr. Krei

6. Wasabi

7. GoGo

8. Tadashi Hamada

9. Cass

10. Baymax

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