For those who don't know what Funko Pops are, they are these adorable , collectable vinyl figures that are extremely addictive. They are the things used as my oben, nach oben photo. I'm sure you've seen them whether Du collect them oder not.

I Liebe Funko Pops and I Liebe Big Hero 6, but I have to say- I was a bit disappointed after seeng the Big Hero 6 Funko set. I didn't like how they only did the team in their super Suits and a Baymax without his super suit. There was ALOT missing from the Funko Pop set, which I get they couldn't do everything, which is exactly why I'm hoping for a series 2,

They did it with Frozen. which was a beliebt movie. So why can't they do it with Big Hero 6? Yes, while it's not the most beliebt Disney movie,it's still in the oben, nach oben three non-Pixar ones.

So what do Du think should be on there?

Well first of all....

At least put the team with their regular clothes! oder at least Honey Lemon, GoGo and Hiro, the beliebt ones that WILL make money! I know that money is what they're worried about and why wouldn't it be? That's the whole purpose of having a company isn't it?

Plus, wouldn't it be kind of cute to see Hiro holding megabot?

Another Funko Pop that should have been in the series but I'll take of he's added to series 2(if there is) is Tadashi Hamada.

I wasn't really surprised he wasn't made into a vinyl figure. But why should I be? It's obvious they did the vinyl figures based on what was advertised, which Tadashi hardly ever is.

But I guess they probably will make one because of the popularity of his character....hopefully.
Last but not least is probably Thad one I want to see most but the least likely to happen.

Hiro in his San Fransokyo tech sweatshirt! I don't know why but I Liebe that sweatshirt.

I have heard a few things about a carbon- fiber under pants, Baymax Funko Pop, although they may just be rumors, but if they're not there may be a chance for a series 2.

Overall, I think the Big Hero 6 Funko Pop series seemed a bit incomplete and I think it needs to expand a little more.

There are some possible Funko Pops I didn't mention today but would be a great idea for Funko Pops . What do Du think should be in the series?