I used to try and remain neutural to this ship, but I can't! It's everywhere! Sorry, but they don't belong together. And when Du ask tadahoney shippers why they ship this ship they give the same few pathetic answers:

Honey zitrone was the only one who knew Hiro's name, so therefore Tadashi talks to her more

Okay, the only reason Honey zitrone was the only one to recognize him was because she was the only one to meet him while Hiro happened to be standing with Tadashi. And obviously he talked about Hiro to his other friends, GoGo mockingly sagte "nerd lab" which she had to of heard from somewhere. And Fred didn't really need an introduction, but I'll assume he already knew him.

Honey zitrone was excited to see Tadashi, so therefore it's canon

How many flipping times do I have to say: it's NOT canon. Honey zitrone is excited to see everyone . And GoGo hugged Hiro, everyone just says "it was one hug people". How does Honey getting excited prove anything?

Honey zitrone was most effected Von Tadashi's death

Seriously, somebody actually wrote this on the Tadahoney page on How to Train Your Merida - Legende der Highlands Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt Dragon wiki. I mean, yes they were all pretty sad , but I'm pretty sure Honey zitrone wasn't the one who grew up with him, and starved him/ herself after his death. Hiro was probably the one most affected, along with his aunt. Honey Lemon, I think ,was as affected as the others.

Anymore reasons? Put them in the Kommentare and I bet I will be able to prove them wrong