This is my first published fic. I am kind of nervous about this we go
Past San Fransokyo:
Hiro Hamada was watching the bot fight with anticipation. For years, since he started his first bot fight he watched Yama go undefeated. But Hiro too had gone undefeated, and tonight was the night they would go head to head. And Hiro had a great stradegy.

He would not exit the fight empty handed.

Meanwhile, his brother, Tadashi was updating Baymax when his phone beeped, signaling him that Hiro was at yet another bot fight. Tadashi groaned. When would the knucklehead learn?

Poof! The brothers were no longer in their spots.

Future San Fransokyo:

"Woo hoo!" Hiro cheered as he rode on Baymax.

Hiro was on his Sekunde mission as a superhero and for once he could actually enjoy it. No depression. No plans to avenge his brother. He actually felt good.

But he too was zapped away.

In a room:
Future Hiro found himself in a room and when he looked around he gasped. He saw himself and his dead brother arguing.

"What's up little man?" Wasabi asked and when his eyes wandered to where Hiro's was"Tadashi...."

"That is right, Wasabi." A voice said

Everyone turned ans saw a girl

"Who are you?" P. Hiro asked causing him to get elbowed Von his brother "OW!"
The girl laughed" I am Winter Spirit but Du will call me Spirit. I have brought Du here, for some of Du to see the future and some the past."

F. Hiro gasped " Du don't mean....."
Spirit nodded sadly " yes, Du will have to watch the part that saddened you"

Hiro frowned and Tadashi tilted his head,.

"Who is ready to get started?" Spirit asked.

"Wait!" P. GoGo yelled "first tell us why there is two of each of us in this room, except Tadashi. And why the other half is dressed in stupid costumes."

Future Hiro looked offended but answered " I am assuming Du are from the past, but something happens where we have to use these for something. And I built these weird looking suits."

"Still doesn't explain where Tadashi is."

Hiro looked down and Fred stated "Well-"

"Okay no Mehr spoilers!"

"What spoilers?" F. Hiro demanded "I already know what's going to happen!"

Spirit glared "Some people don't Hiro!"

Tadashi took notice into the future version of Hiro. He was Schauspielen different- maybe he was different. What had happened from now until the end of the so called movie that changed him? But then he remembered he wasn't there. Did it have something to do with him?

"Okay so the main characters are Hiro and Baymax-"

F. Hiro groaned.

"The rest of Du are major characters."

"Are Du ready?"

The screen starts out foggy and we see the Golden Gate Bridge

"Baymax almost made me fall off of that once" F. Hiro stated remembering their first flight

Tadashi stared in horror "Baymax!"

Baymax just stared.
Scene zooms past the city, past San Fransokyo Port and a train. The scene is now at abandoned buildings.

P. Hiro shivered. He was just there.

Two bots are hitting each other.

Tadashi groaned. A bot fight.

Little Yama knocks the girl's bot down. The girl stares in shock but doesn't give up. She puts a confident look on her face and continued

" She might win!" P. Honey zitrone smiled optimistically.

" She lost." F. Hiro deadpanned.

Tadashi glared "And how would Du know that?"

But Spirit yelled "Spoiler alert!"

But as they continue to fight Little Yama chps the girl's bot into pieces

"Told ya."

Money is passed around and Yama takes his own money.
Yama- Who dares to step into the ring and battle Yama?
There are a few people who hide their bots behind their backs. One rips the head off

"Cowards." Both GoGo's snort.

Hiro- Can I try?
"Hiro" Tadashi growled "how many times do I have to tell Du not to?
"Uh as many times as I've done it?"
Yama Raises an eyebrow. Now, Hiro is on screen.
Hiro- I have a robot.(holds up megabot) I built him myself.

There is a pause and then everyone starts laughing.

Tadashi glared.

Hiro shrinks back a little.
Announcer lady- Beat it kid. House rules. Du gotta pay to play.
Hiro- Oh(pulls out crumpled dollar bills) - is this enough?

Yama- What's your name little boy?

"Hiro. Hiro Hamada" F. Hiro mocked himself

Hiro's eyes lit up.

Hiro- Hiro. Hiro Hamada.

Everyone laughed.
Prepare your bot - zero
Tadashi growled at the name he called his brother while P. Hiro shrugged
"I've been called worse" he mentioned, shivering at the memory of high school bullies
Yama places his money in the pan and Hiro does it to, nervously
"What are Du so nervous about?it's not like Du haven't done it before" Tadashi asked

"You'll see."
Announcer lady- Two bots enter. One bot leaves. Fighters ready? Fight!

Yama's bot looks ready to fight, while Hiro's is walking clumsily

Tadashi raised an eyebrow. Hiro was usually quite good at bot fighting.

Hiro's is chopped piece Von piece

"Oh, I remember this one!"F. Hiro recalled"it was my last one!"

Tadashi sighed in relief.

The crowd cheers and Hiro looks sadly at his bot

"Well at least Du learned your lesson." Tadashi sighed "finally"

Hiro- That was my first try!

Tadashi snorted.
Can I go again?

Tadashi raises an eyebrow
Yama- No one likes a sore loser, little boy.

F. Hiro snorted, remembering what Yama almost did to him when he won.

Go home

"Yes Hiro, please just go home!"