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A short humor one-shot. Ben irritates crap outta Gwen and Kevin....

This happens during Ben 10 Alien Force series...


A green car with black stripes was racing in out skirts of Bellwood. Ben Tennyson was bored, extremely bored.


Love me, Liebe me
Say that Du Liebe me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how Du do me
Kiss me, KISS me
Say that Du miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me Du Liebe me

"Stop it! Tennyson," shouted an already irritated Kevin Levin.

"What? I'm just singing.," defended Ben himself.

"And Du are a horrible singer Ben," stated his redhead cousin Gwen.

"So?," asked Ben....
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posted by wenjing10
Hey! I had wrote some Ben 10 stories in FanFiction.Net.

User: wenjing10 (same)

Stories (Ben 10):

-There is Nothing to Be Afraid Of
-Only Came For You
-The Liebe Story of Benlie and Gwevin

Ben 10 & Generator Rex Crossover:

-Ben and Rex: Same Heroes

*I have to say sorry to the Ben 10 stories I wrote. Most of them are romance. Please take note that "Stuck" is adventure & romance, "Special" is adventure only.
*"Ben and Rex: Same Heroes" is adventure & friendship.

Use the Suchen engine to find my stories at FanFiction.Net. Please don't mind and read it!
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