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posted by wenjing10
After I went to the Ben 10 Wiki, I was shocked, Why? Why? Wwwwwhhhhhyyyyy?!

It's a breaking news: The writer/producer of Ben 10 - Dwayne McDuffie just pass away at 21 February 2011. so ssssaaaadddd.......

I know this is not the end of Ben 10. I hope the other writers will do their best to write the best episodes of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

The writers, the voice actors, the members, the fans, the heroes, the aliens, even the villains, are crying...
Tears fell down from their eyes...and Ben is the saddest. He shouted sadly: "It's the end of me, my friends, the aliens, and my adventures?!"

R.I.P Dwayne McDuffie....T.T

P.S. Please Kommentar after Du read this. (sob...)
So I usually write a review for every episode. And the past emotional epic episodes I should have written my feelings and analyzations, but I just haven't. I'm not full of regret, but I know i could've written some really emotional stuff. during the 'Kevin being evil again' stage, I was thinking this:

'You Lost Me' Von Christina Aguilera
'Forever and Always' Von Taylor schnell, swift
'Fifteen' Von Taylor Swift, the part where it says "...cuz when your fifteen and somebody tells Du they Liebe you, your gunna believe them,"
That line shows the pain between Gwen and Kevin. These songs are how I described...
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