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BJ in Universal Studios!!!

I went to Florida during the week and we went to Universal Studios! There was a Zeigen there called "Beetlejuice's Spooktacular Revue" BJbrought out Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Bride, the wolf Man, and Dracula. We had to say "Beetlejuice!" three times in order to turn them into rockstars! It was wicked funny! He cracked a lot of jokes and the guy dressed as BJ sounded and acted just like him! I was wondering if anyone else saw the show...
 irkeninvadermay posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Beetlejuice: The Movie Antwort

-EpicCute- said:
I saw it, that's for sure! It was great. I loved it. HILARIOUS!!! Btw, I'm going back to Universal Studios quite soon, my friend. :)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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