Revenge had had just about enough of the Chosen Warrior.

And continued to voice such matters to Holly.

"And I swear if I see that stuck up, no good, low down-"

"Sam!" stechpalme, holly interrupted. "Enough about her. I don't wanna talk about this on our date."

Sam frowned and mumbled something like an apology.

"Ah, I was done eating anyway." stechpalme, holly said, shoving her plate away and sipping something out of her glass.

Revenge tried his best to smile and kissed stechpalme, holly on the cheek as he helped her up.

"Aww, isn't that sweet?" a voice asked. Sam groaned.

"How come Du never do that for me?" Becca asked. "Lemme guess, Im a stuck up, no good, low down girl who beat your butt three times."

"You did not!" Sam said, turning around.

"Did!" Becca replied.

Robin stepped Weiter to her. "She did throw Du through a Wand the first time, almost knocked Du out the Sekunde time, whipped your butt the third time. I'd say she did."

Sam's expression was not very pleasant.

"Hey!" stechpalme, holly said, tugging on his arm. "Let's go."

"No can do. Batman sent us to get Du guys and get Du back to the Cave." Becca said. "Come along little doggy."

Sam growled and elbowed his way past her.

"Hey!" Becca objected, following the Black Hero as he headed for his motorcycle.

"What?" Revenge snapped. "What now?"

"You can't do that to me!" she replied.

"I can too. I am of the physical capability to elbow my way past you." Revenge said.

stechpalme, holly rolled her eyes as she started her motorcycle.

"DO NOT TWIST MY WORDS LIKE THAT!!!" Becca yelled over the noise of the motorcycle.

"Can't hear you!" Sam yelled, making motions with his hands before screeching off, stechpalme, holly on his heels. oder wheels. However the expression goes in this instance.

"Need a ride?" Robin asked, riding up on his motorcycle.

Becca frowned and climbed on, wrapping her arms around Robin's waist.

The duo sped off after the Black Hero.

"You are the stuck-up one!" Becca yelled.

Revenge would have replied if Artemis hadn't fallen in front of them.

Revenge bent down to help her up, but she smacked his hand away.

"Wanna do some good?" she asked. "Kill him."

"Just break up with him." Revenge replied.

"You guys are ones to talk." Wally said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Revenge and Becca asked at the same time.

"See, you're even talking with each other." Wally sagte as he picked up a magazine.

"What are you-"

"Ah, tough love." Wally smirked. The expression on his face quickly changed to fear as Revenge and Becca charged him.

Wally blurred off as the two pursued. Becca's magic, however, was still on the küche preventing Wally from going in and trapping him.

"AH! HELP! SOMEONE!!!" Wally yelled as Revenge unsheathed his dagger.

stechpalme, holly and Robin looked at the fight in satisfaction with Artemis.

"Should we not stop them?" Aqualad asked.

Wally flew through the air, screaming with daggers and Becca right behind him.

"Be our guest!" Robin and stechpalme, holly said, gesturing at the fight.

Aqualad looked on for a few Sekunden before turning to the trio.

"Maybe we should let them settle their business alone." he said.

"Agreed." Robin said, picking up a cookie off the counter.

"Dude! That's mine!" Wally said, screeching to a halt.

Wally felt someone tap him on the shoulder and he turned around to see Revenge and Becca's fist headed towards his face.