The highly anticipated sequel! XD!

It didn't take long for Becca to recognize the teenager. And he was the last person she wanted to have to deal with while trying to have a peaceful datum with Robin.

She knew they had been spotted when the guy slid on his hat and glasses.

"How about we go in here?" she asked, tugging Robin inside a store, the boy followed.

"What are we running from?" Robin asked, fishing out his sunglasses.

"Specifically, who." Becca replied, trying to lose the guy hot on their heels.

"Who then?" Robin asked, slipping on his glasses.

"Someone I don't exactly find nice."

"What is Revenge doing here?"

"Am I that much of a jerk?" Revenge asked, stepping in front of the couple.

"Ah, damn it." Robin said.

"You gonna tell me why Du weren't at the rendezvous?" Sam asked.

"I had a higher priority meeting." Robin replied, looking at Becca.

"You don't fool me Grayson." Sam replied.

"Oh, come on dude!" Robin said, taking his glasses off. "You ruin everything!"

"That's my job." Sam sagte as plain as could be.

"Just move." Becca said, trying to shove past the figure, but was unable to budge him.

"Not until your boyfriend Antwort me."

"He did, move."

"I want a real answer."

"That was a real answer!"

"Was it?"




Sam looked at her for a moment and moved. He grabbed Robin's shoulder hard as he walked by.

"You are gonna give me a real answer or-"

Revenge was cut short Von a sharp schlagen, punsch from Becca, sending him into a bookcase.

"Back off little girl." Revenge said, rubbing his jaw.

"Oh, Du did not just say that." Becca said, her eyes glowing with hate.

"Maybe." Revenge shrugged.

"Hey!" Robin said, attempting to intervene on behalf of his girlfriend, but she shoved him aside.

The two stared each other down, causing Robin to cringe. Finally, Becca started to move, but Revenge stuck out his foot, causing her to stumble.

"Why Du little piece of..."

Revenge flew through the air and into the wall, causing people to run as he fell.

Becca's eyes glowed as she walked over to Revenge who was breathing heavily. He was unused to receiving that much damage without his armor to protect him.

"Get up." Becca said.

"Becca. Can we settle this later and not in the middle of a bookstore?" Robin asked.

"Get up." Becca repeated, ignoring her boyfriend.

"As Du wish." Revenge said, jumping up and knocking Becca back.

"I don't normally make it a habit to hit a girl, but Du are asking for it." Revenge said, standing up wearily.

Becca growled and ran at Revenge, tackling him through the book store Wand and into the Shop Weiter door. Revenge stood up, pulling off a hemd, shirt that was clinging to him.

Clothes racks had tumbled when the two had charged through the wall. Well, Becca charged, Revenge had taken the blows.

Robin looked through the hole in shock.

"How about I let Du two settle your differences?" he asked.

"You gonna let your girlfriend get beat up?" Revenge asked.

Becca leaped through the air and landed on Revenge. But the latter was expecting it and landed a blow to the sparrow's stomach, throwing her through the air and standing up in one, smooth move.

Becca disappeared in a flash of smoke before she could hit the wall.

"What the-" Revenge began, but someone tapped his shoulder. Revenge turned around to see a fist hit him in the jaw and toss him through the air and through the wall. He landed in the bookstore again, wheezing and gasping, spitting blood.

"Things would be different if I had my suit." Revenge gasped.

"But Du don't." Becca said. "And I think you've learned your lesson."

Revenge waited for the couple to leave before pressing a button on his belt. Von the time he had limped out to the alley, his car was waiting.

"What happened to you?" stechpalme, holly asked.

"Just drive." Revenge replied.

"You are one heck of a boyfriend." stechpalme, holly said, and stomped the gas, screeching into the street.

Do I sense a rematch?