Wally was the last person Revenge wanted to help him. But he was the only one who would go along with Revenge's plan.

So that's why Revenge headed into the küche early one Saturday morning while most of the Team was still at home.


The boy jumped, spraying mustard all over the table.

"Jeez man! Du need to warn people before Du sneak up on them!" Wally exclaimed, wiping the mustard up at super-speed.

Revenge rolled his eyes. "I need your help with something."

Wally looked up, clearly surprised.

"What do Du need my help with!" he asked.

Revenge whispered something in Wally's ear. Wally looked at him incredously. 

"You've got to be joking!" he said. "Do Du know what-"

"She isn't here right now, and I need this for a mission, now are Du in oder not?" Revenge interrupted.

Wally fidgeted, weighing his options.

Revenge sighed and handed Wally a fifty dollar bill.

"Okay, I'm in." Wally said, pocketing the money. "But I've got to know: how can Du give away Grants like that?"

"My dad was one of the richest men in the country. How do Du think I got all this gear?" Revenge replied.

Wally made a face that sagte 'Duh!' and followed Revenge out of the kitchen.

Robin and stechpalme, holly were in the living room playing Call of Duty, and Superboy and Miss Martian were still asleep, leaving Wally and Revenge free to sneak down the hallways.

Revenge placed something on a door and it beeped, signifying the door was unlocked.

"After you." Revenge said.

Wally grinned and blurred towards the door-

-only to be thrown back, into the wall.

"Precisely what I thought." Revenge said, pressing another device to the wall. It beeped again. 

"Try again." Revenge said.

Wally glared at him and blurred through the doorway.

"Why'd Du tell me to run if Du knew that'd happen?"

"I wanted to make sure there was a field there before trying to walk in."

"You've got a crude sense of humor, Du know that?" 

Revenge grinned under his mask. "Let's just find this and get out."

Wally blurred around the room, looking for the item Revenge needed. Revenge calmly walked over to the closet and opened it, pulling a box out and sorting through it. He pulled out a remote and pressed a button. A panel slid aside in the Wand revealing all of the sparrow's weapons.

"Whoah." Wally said, looking at the armory.

Revenge merely walked over, picked up the scythe, and walked out, closing the door.

"Let's get out of-"

The light turned on.

"-here." Revenge finished, slowly turning around to face the owner of the room.

"Becca!" Wally said, Schauspielen as if nothing were wrong. "How are you? Did Du get a good night's sleep? I'm going to go eat some cereal!" Wally gave another fake laugh and blurred towards Becca. He hit the invisible force field and flew back.

All it took was a look from Becca for Wally to point at Revenge and say "He did it!"

"I needed this." Revenge said, holding out the scythe.

"And Du couldn't have asked?" Becca inquired, walking over and snatching the weapon back.

"I assumed you'd say no." Revenge sagte calmly. "I need that."

"Well Du can't have it." Becca replied.

Wally was silently trying to slide towards the door, but Becca snapped her fingers and Wally froze.

"I need that, now." Revenge said, moving to stand in front of Becca. 

"For the last time: no."

"Scared I'll break it?" 

"It's not yours to take."

"I need your scythe."

"Why mine? Why not go get one from your buddy Reaper?"

The temperature chilled fifty degrees.

"Don't. Ever. Say that again." Revenge said.

"Or what, richboy?" Becca sneered.

"Try me." Revenge said.

"Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die. I'll never take another bribe again. Please don't let me die." Wally repeated, eyes closed and hands clasped together.

stechpalme, holly had just beaten Robin (barely mind you) when Revenge came flying through the living room. He slid to the other side of the room, stood up and growled something under his breath before running back in the direction of Becca's room.

"She's your girlfriend." stechpalme, holly sagte at a look from Robin.

"He's your boyfriend." The Boy Wonder replied.

The two sat for a moment, thinking, as the sounds of Wally screaming in terror and Becca and Revenge fighting echoed around the Cave.

"Recognized, Artemis. B-07." a barely audible voice rang out.

A moment later, the archer walked into the room ducking a piece of the Wand flying through the air.

"What's going-" the archer paused. "Is that Wally screaming like a little girl?" she asked.

"Can't blame him." Robin said.

"I've got it!" stechpalme, holly said. "Whoever loses the Weiter round has to stop the fight!" 

"Deal!" Robin said, grabbing a controller and resuming the game.

The two hadn't hit the play button when the Wand crumbled and Revenge landed, dazed in front of them.

"Okay," Robin said. "Enough is enough."

Becca marched into the room, infuriated. Revenge stood up, fighting stance.

Robin and stechpalme, holly each stepped in front of their respectable boy/girlfriends.

"Stop!" Robin said, grabbing Becca's arm. "What happened?"

"He was in my room, stealing my scythe!" Becca all but yelled.

"You have a scythe?" Artemis asked, but was ignored.

"I told you, I need it for a mission!" Revenge said. "No reason to throw me through a wall!"

"After what Du called me!?" Becca yelled back. 

"I called you?" Revenge asked. "You called me a-"

"Stop!" Robin yelled. "Batman will be here any Sekunde and Du can explain then."

Robin sighed and walked off. "Now I have to pay for all this."

Wally walked out slowly and cautiously.

"Fifty dollars is not worth that." Wally said.

"Was that Du screaming like a little girl?" Artemis asked, barely containing her laughter.

"You would have!" Wally protested. "If Du were stuck in there with those two! Especially her!"

Becca shot him a death glare and Wally screamed again, blurring off, leaving Artemis laughing.