This is a Fan fiction of Belle’s moment when the Beast dies.


‘At least I got to see Du one last time’ sagte a dying Beast. Those were the last words that I heard from my dear friend Beast. ‘No please, please don’t leave me…………’I stopped as I was crying so bad. ‘I Liebe Du ‘I finally sagte as I loved the Beast so much and I blamed myself for his death as Gaston killed him, I wanted revenge but what was the point. Suddenly I saw fireworks coming out of nowhere. I saw the Beast rising from above the pavement and into the air. ‘What is going on’ I sagte to myself. As I stared at the Beast in the sky I saw his foot changing. ‘Is this a episode of Dr who is he regenerating’I sagte to myself. As I kept looking at the Beast’s transformation I suddenly saw a dashing man who looked about 20 . Suddenly he fell down on the ground wearing ripped jeans and a ripped shirt. As I walked to this strange man he was looking at his hands and then to me. ‘Oh my goodness who is this dashing man, wait a Minute I saw a portrait of him in the West Wing. ‘Belle its me’said the young man’s voice. As I felt his hair and looked into his dreamy blue eyes I realised that it was the Beast in human form. ‘It is you’ I sagte to him. He looked at me and we suddenly we kissed and fireworks came out of nowhere. Suddenly everything was back to normal and we danced in front of thousands of people to a song called So Close and later it was Beauty & the Beast.