Broadway style!
Hi guys, I had gepostet a Umfrage on the Disney Princess site and here are my favourite Prince Adam's Finale Outfit, ranging from most to least favourite.

1. The Broadway Version

I have always Liebe this version, because it Zeigen details towards his outfit, especially the jacke which we can see the blume patterns on it! I always thought it was a Spanish style due to the Design overall, but it's actually French style from the 18th century.

2. The Animated Version

Considering that this was animated, the animators wanted it simple at the same time keeping faithful towards the time period of the story.

3. 2017 Live-Action Version

This was very similar to the Broadway version, excluding the hairstyle. Indicating it is from the early oder mid 18th century, however it's to cliche for my taste.


So here they are, which of these 3 are your favourites?
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