Hello! This is my first Artikel and I hope Du enjoy it. It's my ranking of Belle's outfits. I know this has been done before and I warn Du my choices can be quite previsible. This Liste includes five gowns (four from the original movie and one from The Verzaubert Christmas) and two cloaks.

7. Blue peasant dress

"This is... nice" - Madame de la Grande Bouche (musical)

Yes, it is. I like the shade of blue used and the neckline, but it is very plain. I prefer it with the apron, because it brings Mehr variety in the coloring of the lower half.

6. Weihnachten kleid

Again, it has nice coloring and it is very elegant, but I don't enjoy it as much as the others. The awful Animation doesn't help either. The halskette Belle wears with this is a very nice touch and, again, I like the neckline, with the rose accents.

5. rosa winter cloak

Now we are down to the ones I love. It's a very nice shade of rosa and I like the pelz trimming. I have nothing negative to say about this outfit.

4. Blue cloak

It's strange that such a plain mantel ranks above the fancy rosa one, but I Liebe the shade of blue used (BatB has a lot of nice blues, I'm noticing) and the way it swings and flows. Capes swinging = me likes. It makes the blue dress better.

3. Golden ballgown

This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! I Liebe the color, the way it wraps around her shoulders, the rock with layers and the opera gloves - I adore opera gloves. They're so chic. Easily one of Disney's best ballgowns. I have nothing bad to say about this top-notch outfit.

2. Green winter dress

It may seen strange this dress ranking above the ballgown, because it's easily the simplest dress after her peasant blue dress. But simplicity Suits her in this case. Green is not a Favorit color of mine, but the shades used in this outfit suit Belle perfectly. I don't have a problem with the puffy sleeves - they're so small and I like puffy sleeves, they give a delicate, feminine feel to dresses. The darker oben, nach oben is very nice. Green bows Suits Belle's hair much better than blue ones (the Wardrobe is obviously fair better in hairstyling than Belle). It looks better without the cloak, when she is in the library.

1. rosa winter dress

Big surprise that the rosa dress got this spot, no? (Note the sarcam) Well, it's no wonder why. Easily one of the best pinks used in a Disney dress The off-shoulders sleeves and the frilly accents are also VERY nice touchs. It's also very fitting in the waist, reinforcing Belle's curves. It looks better when they're out in the snow - the Farben are Mehr vibrant. The fireplace's feuer dull them. Overall, one of my Favorit Disney outfits, easily!

Well, it's done. Hope Du liked it and stay turned for Mehr Artikel coming from me. Goodbye and 'till Weiter time.