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MoniBolis posted on Nov 03, 2008 at 09:27PM
What are the most esentials Batman storylines?
From the comics like "Batman year One" to the cartoons with episodes such as " Leather wings"

What is your favorite version of Batman and what do you recomend?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kakarot said…
batman the animated sries,was as close to batman as your gonna get. as for comics ,besides year one theres Arckam Asylum,The Long Halloween,The killing joke,Batman:Jeckeyl & Hide,and Hush. ill add more if i forgot any.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MoniBolis said…
I love the Batman TAS as well.
Batman: Jeckely & Hide, is that an elseworld?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Phuzer said…
the dark knight returns is a good one too
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MoniBolis said…
The dark knight is total must for Batman fans Phuzer
Vor mehr als einem Jahr arrowone said…
big smile

you need to get as close to the following image for your eyes and ears as possible --

A driveby via the Untouchables with a '20s Crystler and a bunch of gangsters with Prohibition-era tommy guns driving past a corner plaza in Chinatown...but the one gangster you see sticking his head out has a clown mask on. ANDDD there has to WALTZ MUSIC. And as they're turning a corner really fast about to apprehend these fat Italian mob bosses standing there stunned midway through reading the newspaper. As close as you can get to that image, whatever the rest of the movie does matters hardly.