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Source: Translated Von me, from Swedish
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I seen Fairy Secret today! Let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

The Cast:
Diana Kaarina: Barbie
Adrian Petriw: Ken
Britt Irvin: Raquelle
Silvio Pollio: Zane
Laura Bailey
Cassandra Morris
Kate Higgins
Brittney Wilson
^I wish I could remember who they voiced!
And my eerie feeling was incorrect, Christopher Gaze wasn't there! Sorry Abbey!

The Characters:
(Her name prononuciation confused me! It's pronounced Grahseaella{In phonetic spelling})
She was pretty nice. Untill she was under the Liebe spell, then she was a total airheaded b****!

She was the same as in Fashion Fairytale.

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For those who were disappointed to hear Kelly Sheridan replaced as the voice of Barbie Von Diana Kaarina in "Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale", I have created a petition.

Mattel have already received so many complaints that they have sagte they are 'possibly re-considering' their decision, and I hope this will give them a final push in the right direction.

So please take a moment to sign and vorwärts-, nach vorn to anyone else who may be interested. Let's make history and get Kelly Sheridan reinstated in her rightful role! link
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Star light, star, sterne bright
First star, sterne I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight

When I wish on a star
Gaze upon it from afar
I believe what's troubling me
Can melt away like snow

This isn't where we want to be
There is so much Mehr we want to see
Sparkling lights, city sights
Busy streets below

I will keep doing all I can do
I will keep wishing 'cause wishes come true
I'm dreaming our Weihnachten will turn out right
That's the wish I wish...


When I wish my herz is full
Everything is possible
I can see beyond the clouds
Feel the stars as they all glow

I will keep...
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