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 Barbie & Her Sisters in A pony Tale
I know it is not HQ and not HD. But quality is fine. Pictures was taken Von me from DVD. Hope soon I can post BD version...
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This Barbie-Filme foto might contain reitweg, pferdepfad, pferdewrangler, wrangler, pferd wrangler, lippizan, lipizzaner, and lippizaner.

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Erika’s Friends at Camp Royalty showcase their magical scepters and Erika is introduced to the Unicorns.
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Barbie: The Flight of Spring
flight of the spring
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I can be a hero (uh-uh), I can be a'strong (yeah, yeah)
I'm not a bird oder plane, they should know my name
Not just a girl (not just a girl), uh-huh
I can be free (uh-uh), free to be me (yeah, yeah)
I can speak it out now, no doubt, say "hello" to the world ("hello" to the world)

Scream it out like hey, hey
Don't listen to what they say, say
'Cause it doesn't matter, no way, no way
One goal, one dream, 'cause we're on the same team, babe

(Oh...) Raise our voices, (oh...) raise our voices
So it's time to Zeigen our faces and raise our voices
(Oh...) We're gonna raise our voices,...
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Courtney decides to step out of her comfort zone and realizes Camp Pop is fun!
Courtney participates at Camp Pop and transforms her outfit.
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Erika and Courtney find out Camp Royalty and Camp Pop are on the line and it is going to take all the campers to work as a team to save the camps!