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 Barbie in the Nutcracker
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This Barbie-Filme foto might contain zeichen, plakat, text, tafel, schilder, and poster.

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Seeing the nice reception of the first part, I'm so uplifted to write the Sekunde part. I'm going to start and end this Artikel with the Elfen Elina and Mariposa, with three princesses in between: Annika, Genevieve, and Rosella. Enjoy!

6. Elina

Strength: good-hearted, helpful, forgiving, brave, self-sacrificing, clever

The wingless fairy Elina is mocked and laughed at Von her fellow winged Elfen every Tag of her life, and she helps them when they all have the flying sickness from Laverna! Elina is also very Merida - Legende der Highlands -- though she's never out of the Magic Meadow, she goes on adventure...
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Hello ppl,I made this Barbie in a mermaid tale adventure like its Barbie in a mermaid tale 2.This is my story....After defeating Eris becoming surf champion Merliah was going to meet Kayla and Xylie to check out their latest trends so after she came back from their boutique one Merliah had Liebe at first sight(lol)then she fainted!(OMG!!) The guy was a champion surfer like her!So they lived at Merliah's house and did everything together and had so much fun until one Tag the guy (I forgot to mention his name Terennce) saw a girl who's hair was shining like gold!And so he quickly waved goodbye...
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