Seeing the nice reception of the first part, I'm so uplifted to write the Sekunde part. I'm going to start and end this Artikel with the Elfen Elina and Mariposa, with three princesses in between: Annika, Genevieve, and Rosella. Enjoy!

6. Elina

Strength: good-hearted, helpful, forgiving, brave, self-sacrificing, clever

The wingless fairy Elina is mocked and laughed at Von her fellow winged Elfen every Tag of her life, and she helps them when they all have the flying sickness from Laverna! Elina is also very Merida - Legende der Highlands -- though she's never out of the Magic Meadow, she goes on adventure to cure her fellow fairies. In Mermaidia, she sacrifices her long-desired wings and exchanges them with a tail to rescue Nalu. In Magic of the Rainbow, Elina once again saves Fairytopia with her intelligence -- knowing that together she and her classmates can overcome Laverna's winter spell.

Weakness: low self-confidence, too naive
In the Magic of the Rainbow, the great Elina, who has saved Fairytopia twice, is afraid of the swaggering and bragging meanie Sunburst. And her kindness is used Von Laverna, who tricks her into releasing the Enchantress' sister from her frog form. Happily Elina cleans up the mess she makes, and becomes Fairytopia's beloved heroine again.

7. Annika

Strength: daring, adventurous, friendly, street-smart, hopeful, optimistic, caring

Annika's not Merida - Legende der Highlands -- Mehr than that, she's daring! She dares to go to the dark, mysterious deepest part of the forest. Annika is friendly. She quickly makes Friends with Shiver, Eric (the village boy), Brietta, Queen Rayla, and the three wolke Princesses. She's street-smart (is that a virtue oder a vice?), like when she sneaks to get her skates at night and tricks Ollie into tying himself in his house. Moreover, Annika is optimistic and hopeful. When Brietta says it's impossible, Annika says there is always hope. Annika's another good trait is that she cares for her people and her newly-met sister Brietta.

Weakness: strong-headed, rebellious, reckless, lying, up-and-down
Annika disobeys her parents' rule without knowing that they only want to protect her. She goes far from the schloss to go skating. She even sneaks out at night to dance on the lake. As a result, Wenlock spots her and insists that she be his wife. Being daring makes her reckless too. She just jumps into the long root slide to find Shiver without thinking what's inside there. Indeed, she manages to free herself and Shiver from Ollie's house, but she lies to the dim-witted giant to escape. Her high spirits can lead to despair as well. When Aidan's gone and Brietta's fainted, she just surrenders herself and agrees to be Wenlock's wife. Luckily Aidan and Brietta come to her rescue and bring Annika to her optimistic self.

8. Genevieve

Strength: brave, caring, family-oriented, natural leader

Two things Genevieve loves best are her family and dancing. When her sisters are busy with their hobbies, she spends most time with her father so that she is closest to him. "Talk to Papa, Genevieve, he'll listen to you," Blair sagte to her, knowing her as Papa's nearest daughter. Merida - Legende der Highlands and spirited (as when reporting about Rowena to the king), Genevieve is also the natural leader among her sisters, even though she's the seventh. She leads them into the golden pavilion and is the lead dancer with Derek when they dance the way out of the pavilion. Genevieve cares a lot about her sisters too, especially Lacey.

Weakness: always late
Genevieve's main weakness (as shown in the movie) is that she's often late. She's late to breakfast, she's late when the princesses have to introduce themselves to Rowena, and she's the latest to bett (but that's because she helps Lacey to her bett first). Hmm... is she late because of meeting Derek oder dreaming of him? The only time she's not late is when she goes to her wedding. Perhaps her sisters push her so that she's ready early. oder perhaps she's not late because she's eager to marry Derek!

9. Rosella

Strength: caring, nature lover, animal friendly, polite, kind, gentle

Though this Lost princess of Paladia is raised Von Tiere in an isolated island, Rosella still grows up into a gentle, sweet girl (though the "civilized" people think she has no manners). But are manners Mehr important than the motives of the herz inside? Rosella is caring and gentle -- she saves Antonio and Frazer from the crocodiles, she scratches Lorenzo the pig's back, and she plays with Tallulah in the tree. The polite Rosella shows her best manners in front of Antonio's parents. She also comes to the ball to respect Antonio though it hurts her to see him with Luciana. Another good trait of Rosella is that she's good with plants.

Weakness: too shy, a bit low self-confident
Rosella doesn't believe she's the one Antonio loves -- though other people than herself see it clearly. Antonio often tries to tell her so, but Rosella cuts it and says he belongs with Luciana. Her shyness also lets Ariana intimidate her, such as calling her "the island girl" and insulting her at tea. However, once Rosella finds the truth about Ariana's nastiness, she overcomes her shyness and declares that Ariana's the evil one.

10. Mariposa

Strength: clever, full of knowledge, hardworking, responsible, brave

The serious, thoughtful, and bookworm Mariposa dreams of exploring further lands than the safe, sicher borders of Flutterfield. Yet, though she has to work for the two vain sisters Rayna and Rayla, Mariposa does it diligently, never complaining. When Mariposa has a chance of adventure, she shows her bravery Von flying past the Skeezites and leading Rayna, Rayla, and Zinzie to farther lands. Her knowledge of the stars also gives her the antidote for Queen Marabella's sickness.

Weakness: unsure of herself
Mariposa is the breavest, smartest fairy of the three (she, Rayna, Rayla) but she doesn't realize it. She never fits in with her society and nobody praises her talent. But when Rayna and Rayla choose her to go on and get the antidote, Mariposa uses all her strength and intelligence to find the right star, which is the antidote for Queen Marabella's sickness.