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The globe is my friend
Where ever (we) can just go
I Go Performance oder Travel
Whatever it is It’s Okay
Yeah I Know Something
Life is beautiful Play N Chillin’
I am wi ing wi ing (tn: onomatopoeia for whirling sounds) oder bingbing (tn: twirling)
Fly around Kwejina chingching (T/N: Kwejina chingching means to feel good/be satisfied)
Where your herz goes Woo
Living however Du want Oh Baby
Leave me alone Woo
Can’t stop My Carnival Oh
Seoul to Seoul Fly away
London to Tokyo
Every Tag is like Carnival Wherever
Life is like Choco
Seoul to Seoul Let’s leave
Paris to New York
We had a lot of fun all day
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Just throw it at me
Watch the rocks hit me and roll
Say that I am stupid
Hey see who flies the best
Huh I’m a bird that looks far away
The bird that flies the highest
In the end who ends up the best here
Be embarrassed, that territorial behavior
Don’t interfere, just please me alone
It’s suffocating All Tag Your nagging NO
Everyone Hurry Up Hurry Up Fly away
I’ll just (go) my way this way Ye Yi Ye Eh
Even if they ignore me here and there it doesn’t matter any
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Up In the sky
(I) will be the bird that flies the highest
(I) will be the bird that flies until the end of the blue sky
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I only want Du when I see you
I Feel So Good
I only want Du when I see you
I Feel So Good
When I see Du I keep getting feelings
Feel So Good
I only want Du when I see you
I Feel So Good
I only want Du when I see you
I Feel So Good
I want to know BABE
Dizzy what kind of person are you
You’re not fancy BABE
But why is it that you’re shining more
A Yo your voice is like a sweet jelly
It keeps lingering finding itself inside my ear
I want to have Du BABE
Why is it that when I’m thinking I get happier
Baby you
Your scent everything Feel So Good
Come on Come on Get with it
Come on Come on Get with it
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Anchor: We're very happy to have an interview with the hot Korean rookie group B.A.P! Hello, B.A.P. Nice to meet you!
B.A.P: 1, 2, 3. Hello everyone. We're B.A.P, yes sir!
Anchor: First of all, let's let them introduce themselves one Von one.
Himchan: Hello, I'm Himchan of B.A.P. Hello.
Yongguk: Hello, I'm B.A.P's leader Bang Yongguk Guk. Nice to meet you. PEACE OUT!
Daehyun: Hello, I'm Deahyun of B.A.P. I Liebe you!
Zelo: Hello, I'm B.A.P's maknae Zelo. Nice to meet you.
Jongup: Hello, I'm Jongup of B.A.P. Nice to meet you.
Youngjae: Hello, I'm Youngjae of B.A.P. Hello.
Anchor: Hello! Let's welcome the...
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The wind wailed
As if the sky was breaking apart
Amidst endless hardships and tests
The world was not
As we wanted it to be
As we thought it would be
We held hands again
The six of us together all on both feet
So no one would fall
We got ready to run once again
Young Wild and Free
In the end the world is made up of our stories
Everyone says because we are young
The struggles we suffered Will turn into blood and flesh
(TN: Du will gain the fruits of your labour)
The autumn wind that tried to bury us in oblivion
Leave, return to the sky
Now, harshly, like crazy
We’re still alive
Now come on, follow me
We are Young Wild and Free
Answer me
Who dares to represent us in this world?
We made it back
We’ll tell everything as it is, ALWAYS in our own way
This is the monologue of youth
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

trans cr; tima @ baptrans
All Tag keep Du my thoughts
I try to forget Du but I can’t do that girl
I try to hide my feelings
But it keeps Wird angezeigt up girl
When I see Du Shy always Shine
You’re dazzling oh my girl
Why don’t Du know my feelings like this
Now I’ll confess
I Liebe only Du My Girl
Be Von my side My Love
I promise I’ll always protect you
You’re my shining star
My words of wanting to always protect you
Are all lies
After seeing how can I
Hide my feelings and become sensual
Your bright red lips
You sweet fragrance every thing
Makes my herz flutter...
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The heavy weight carried on two shoulders
Nobody would know how scary the mask I wear is
I don’t even know what I traded my passion for in place of everyone’s cheers
For what am I insisting on trying so hard for to keep on running
Feeling inferior and guilty are what’s left reality is rising and blocking my throat
What is what if the card life has thrown at me is really right
Others judge for me what is so simple
The lyrics I put my herz into isn’t worth Lesen to them
Everyone wants to chase after money and fame
In the end my lyrics are trash letters GO AWAY
Why do they all only look at me...
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2012 Korean debut. In 2013, their Japanese debut with “Warrior”! Having strong individualistic sounds and powerful live performances is their charm; a 6-member group that’s beliebt in London, Paris, LA, NY and other places too. Their member’s daily fashion shown on tour and such are stylish and has a high standard score ♡


Born on 1994, January 24. 178cm. A main vocal with a mellow voice as his charm. With the same-aged Daehyun, they’re nicknamed “Daejae” and loved Von fans.
“I want to sweetly invite her to a datum like “let’s play~♥” and go for a drive!” -...
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Album tracklists + DVD's

Limited Edition: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD + Matoki Flash Ring)

Warrior (Japanese Version)
Power (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)
Warrior (Instrumental)
Power (Instrumental)

Edition Type A: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD + DVD)


Warrior (Japanese Version)
schlagen, punsch (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)
Warrior (Instrumental)
schlagen, punsch (Instrumental)


Warrior (Music Video Japanese Version)
Making of Musik Video, Interview

Edition Type B: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD only)


Warrior (Japanese Version)
schlagen, punsch (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)

Possible Japanese "Warrior" single covers, however King Records, B.A.P's record label in Japan, has not updated their site with the Bilder yet.
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 3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
3rd Mini Album-Stop It_B.A.P
Don’t frown with that pretty face
If you’re not mad, don’t kill me
Don’t just say you’ll understand and that it’s fine
Don’t be mad, I want Du to smile

You can do whatever Du want in front of me
You don’t have to be coy with me
So please don’t get mad at me

Tell me, this isn’t right, this is too much baby
You get mad, then Liebe me again
Why do Du go back and forth, why? (oh baby)

You might get upset at me and resent me at times but
I want to tell you, who gets mad so easily

Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this
I’m getting annoyed, I’m getting mad – I Liebe you...
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•Full Name: Choi Jun Hong
•Nickname: 15 Jahr Old Genius
•Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae
•Birthday: October 15, 1996
•Height: 182 cm
•Weight: 63 kg
•Blood Type: A
•Education: Sungdae Middle School
•Languages: Korean, English
•Trainee Time: 6 years
•Matoki: ToToMato
•Fun Facts
•His stage name comes from the Greek god “Zelos” which is the god of rivalry. He was named that because of how hard he worked amoungst all his hyungs
•He skateboards
•He and YongGuk formed a sub-unit called “Bang & Zelo“
•In “Ta-Dah! It‘s B.A.P” he is...
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Birth Name: Bang Yong Gook

Stage Name: Yongguk

Bunny: Red

Artistic Name: Jepp Blackman

Nickname: Inversion Rapper

Position: Leader & Main Rapper

Birth Date: March 31, 1990

Blood Type: O

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Education: KyungHee Cyber universität

Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, playing Von himself

Special Talents: Schreiben songs and lyrics

Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister, Older Brother

Personality: Tough, brusque

Ideal Woman: A virtuous woman

Admires: 1TYM’s Teddy

Twitter: link

Birth Name: Choi Jun Hong

Stage Name: Zelo

Bunny: Blue

Nickname: 15-Year Old Genius

Position: Maknae,...
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English Translation:

Yeah, sounds good!
We fly here B.A.P, leggo!

Boom clap! boom boom clap! (x 3)
Yeah, let it go something like

Dudes, that’s just not it
Is Musik a joke? It’s not for us
Because you’re like that, I’m like this – if Du weren’t like that, would I be like this?
Just stop and quit it – just go away over there

Goodness, their attitudes are really not cool
Oh my, hyungnims^, look at them – that’s just really not it
Isn’t ignoring and badmouthing bad guys what a real man does?
Rapping like this – isn’t that the good stuff?

I will break apart the paradigm trapped...
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Q. Du took a long absence from stages in Korea. Did Du happen to get homesick?

Daehyun: The thirst towards performing on stages was always there. While actively doing overseas promotions in 2013, we had the longest absence period yet from Korea. Although we learned a lot and felt touched while going to many places around the world and holding performances there during our Pacific tour, we always missed and thought about stages in Korea. There’s a unique energy that can only be found from doing performances in Korea, so Fans and stages in Korea have Mehr meaning than anywhere else. That’s...
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eodum sogeseo deullineun jeolgyu
gongpoe jillin sesangeul

dwijibeo beoril geoya da
michyeo beorin sesang
bakkwo noheul geoya nan
dongwa hyeob bage
nun gamneun jadeul GET OUT
nyuseureul bwado jeonbu
gonggongui jeogigo
ssaikopaeseu deuri michyeo
nal ttwineun panigo
igeon beomjoe waui jeonjaeng
tto ggati gapa julge
ieneun i nuneneun nun i mareul gieoghae
yong seoran eobseo urin jeoldae

I Gotta Feeling
chameul suga eobseo Give It Up
I Gotta Feeling
niga nuneul gamneun nal

neoneun wiheomhae
jalmot geondeu ryeosseo Get Away
Becuz I’m cuz I’m Dangerous

I’m a Badman
eodum soge neoreul gadwo julge
AH! AH!...
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English Translation:

Ladies and Gentlemen
B.A.P’s Time Is Back, Leggo

Only your mouth is alive as Du say “I’m ill”
Our size is different, Du think you’re something because Du debuted?
You put in your insoles and challenge me but Du can’t even reach my height
I wash my eyes and look but still can’t see you
I’m already up higher than you
Everyone walking on this oath
I’ll ask Du to wind up and Bewegen out the way
I believe in myself, I stand out
Take it to the top
Get out of my way, I don’t like you, all of you

I’m different from Du all, it’s my music, my music
Look carefully, let...
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English Translation:

My herz that has passed its Ablaufdatum date
Was colder than any winter
You cheated me until the end
The Liebe that was supposed to be eternal turned into a nightmare

I try meeting other people but my herz is trapped in a fence
I can’t trust anyone, now no one is Von my side
I only look at the passing memories
I really hate Du so I throw them away
I hate girls’ lies

Get away Get away Get away
Don’t say my name
I hate this crazy love, crazy

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you...
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One of 2012′s most impressive rookies, B.A.P will be holding their first ever solo konzert in February.

On January 14th, their agency, TS Entertainment the above konzert gepostet stating, “B.A.P will be holding their first solo concert, ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL’, on February 23rd and 24th at Seoul Olympic Park Hall.” The Olympic Park konzert Hall can accommodate roughly 4,000 people and both domestic and international artists have performed at the venue.

The poster itself features six Matokis (B.A.P’s personalized bunny mascots) emerging from a foggy setting, meant to represent the...
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Yeah, B.A.P let’s go

Ready To Fly, neowa na, modu Up & down
sori jilleobwa, michyeobwa, Rollercoaster Ride
du son olligo, Du Know? How We go
(We) gotta preak It down, preak It down
Feelin’good Tonight

nunbusige biccnaneun Shining Star
(I Wanna baby, I Wanna baby)
segyel nubineun boyt, Up In The Sky
jigureul jwieossda pyeossda heundeureobolkka?

We’re Hullicane, We’re Hullicane
We’re Hullicane, Hullicane
I’m A Hullicane

Radio, TV, Newt, eodideun modu jikyeobwa
(chimyeongjeogin baireoseucheoreom peojyeo)
Asia, US, Korea, Euro, South America
(keodaran hamseongi deullyeoonda...
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•Full Name: Kim Him Chan
•Position: Sub-Vocal, Rapper, Visual
•Birthday: April 19, 1990
•Height: 180 cm
•Weight: 69 kg
•Blood Type: O
•Education: National School for Traditional Music
•Trainee Time: 1.5 years
•Matoki: TatsMato
•Fun Facts:
•He was an MC for MTV‘s “The Show“
•Studied traditional Musik in high school
•Can play traditional drums (As shown on “Ta-Dah It’s B.A.P)
•Was in Jung Seulki’s MV for “Back in Plack Again“
•Was in the MVs for Secret‘s “Shy Boy“, “Starlight Moonlight“
•Was in Song Ji Eun‘s “Going Crazy“...
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