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mcewen_girl posted on Aug 10, 2008 at 10:18PM
I know there are tons of reasons why we LOVE Cangel so why don't we list them!
I'll go first

Cordy thinks Angel's "salty goodness." (NKABOTFD)
Cordy wanted to ask Angel if he felt like dancing.(WSWB)
Cordy clinging to Angel. (SAR)
Angel going with Cordy on her drive home. (WSWB)
Cordy hugging Angel after she's rescued. (RB)
She calls him a "cuddly" vampire. (Halloween)
She calls Angel "a good vampire". (Halloween)
Angel goes to Cordy at the party and tells her its "Nice to see a familiar face." (CoA)
He saved her life from Russell Winters, that balcony jump was amazing. (CoA)
Patch up scene #1! Touching, with the hands. (CoA)
Angel killed Russell so he couldn't come after Cordy. (CoA)
The talk at the end of City of when Cordy sets up Angel Investigations and Angel lets her stay. (CoA)
That smile exchange as he hands her the box. (CoA)
Angel recognizes that Cordy is "a hottie". (CoA)
Angel tells Cordy, "I always appreciate your perspective". (LH)
Cordy's worry for Angel when Spike took him. (ITD)
Cordy's name is the name Angel calls out when the gang comes to rescue him. (ITD)
Cordy looks after Angel in the van and worries that he might get dusted in the sun. (ITD)
She runs to him on the beach to check if he's okay. (ITD)
Cordy calls Angel "cuddly" again. (IFTP)
The computer scene. (IFTP)
Cordy goes to Angel when her apartment gets infested.(Rm w/a Vu)
She checks out Angel who is only wearing a towel. (Rm w/a Vu)
Cordy stays the night, in Angel's bed. (Rm w/a Vu)
The exchange in the morning over the peanut butter. (Rm w/a Vu)
Angel wants to hug Cordy. (S&S)
Angel thinks Cordy is "precious". (S&S)
Angel checks out Cordy in her black dress. (TBP)
Angel hassles her date in a slightly jealous/protective way. (TBP)
Cordy tells Angel: "Now I expect a guy to be all brave and interesting. And it's your fault!" (TBP)
Cordy likes the way Angel's clothes look on him. (TBP)
Cordy doesn't want Angel to die by shutting off the device. (Hero)
Cordy and Angel hold each other. (Hero)
Angel watched Cordy and worries how she's doing after Doyle's death. (PG)
Cordy says she'll be there for him. (PG)
Cordy kisses Angel. (PG)
Angel takes his time in pulling away. (PG)
Cordy's Angel's seer, there to help him in his mission. (PG)
Angel won't let Cordy get hurt. (PG)
Cordy never doubted for a minute he'd find her. (PG)
Angel makes Cordy breakfast. (PG)
Cordy defends Angel to Wesley. (Sonambulist)
She won't turn on him because of his past. (Sonambulist)
Cordy helps chain Angel to the bed. ( What? I liked it. ) (Sonambulist)
The rooftop talk. (Sonambulist)
Angel tells Cordy she looks nice. (Expecting)
Angel tells Cordy: "You're not alone." (Expecting)
The conversation at the end when Cordy says she knows she has people who care about her. (Expecting)
Cordy cooks at Angel's place. (IGYUMS)
It looks like Cordy is wearing one of Angel's shirts. (IGYUMS)
Cordy tells Angel he doesn't have to be stoic about Doyle's death with her. (IGYUMS)
Cordy worries that Angel's been out all night. (The Ring)
When they rescue Angel Cordy tells him: "We weren't going to let anything happen to you." (The Ring)
Patch up scene; she worries that he could get hurt again. (War Zone)
Because he gets her humor. (TSILA)
She thinks "he's cool" (TSILA)
Cordy worries that Angel could die. (TSILA)
Cordy tries a way to make Angel want things in life. (TSILA)
Cordy wanted to buy him a puppy, a ficus, and an ant farm. (TSILA)
Because he's her "really good friend". (TSILA)
Angel runs to Cordy when he hears about the constant vision she's having. (TSILA)
Because he considers himself her family. (TSILA)
The hospital scene with Angel holding Cordy's hand. (TSILA)
These words: Angel: Cordelia - I'm gonna fix this. - Promise. - I'm gonna get you back. - I need you back. (TSILA)
Angel tells Gunn Cordy means "a lot" to him. (TSILA)
Angel cuts off Lindsey's hand so he can save Cordy with the scroll. (TSILA)
Angel was the first person she looked at when she regained consciousness. And the first name she said. (TSILA)
The smile when Cordy wakes. (TSILA)
Angel touching Cordy's face. (TSILA)
The end scene where Cordy hands Angel his blood telling him to not be embarrassed. (TSILA)
Angel had always liked Cordy even at her Sunnydale snarkiest. (TSILA)
Cause they're all family. (TSILA)
Cordy is happy that Angel will become human. (TSILA)
Cordy wanted to break out the champagne and celebrate when they learned Angel will become human. (TSILA)
Angel gets Cordelia's sense of humor (TSILA)
Cordy got Angel to open up about his doubts and insecurities without any coaxing whatsoever. (Judgement)
It will take awhile for Angel to become human, but she knows he will. (Judgement)
She promises to be there for him when he shanshus. (Judgment)
She wants to hear him sing. (Judgment)
She loves him, and he needs to smile more.
Cordy experiments with new tastes for Angel's blood and he lets her. (AYNOHYEB)
Cordy worries for Angel when he acts stragely. (FI)
Cordy: "You can't fire me, I'm vision girl." *sticks tongue out at Angel* Angel is totally charmed by this. (Untouched)
Cordy patches Angel up, buttons his shirt for him and pats him on the knee. (Untouched)
These words: "Don't bone my boss." (Untouched)
Angel smells and strokes Cordy's hair. (Dear Boy)
Cordy was really hurt when Angel fired her.(Redefinition)
The sexual tension in the book scene. (Reprise)
Cordy is the one Angel is most desperate to get to. (Epiphany)
That smile when he saves Cordy and asks if she's okay. (Epiphany)
The end scene when Angel catches Cordy and says "I've got you." (Epiphany)
It's Cordy's say so that gets Angel accepted back into the team. ["Maybe he should drive?"] (Epiphany)
Angel is hurt when Cordy says they're not friends.(Disharmony)
Because he wanted to buy her flowers. (Disharmony)
Angel wants into Cordy's "affections". (Disharmony)
When he finds out that Harmony is a vampire and is in Cordy's apartment he rushes over there to 'save' her. (Disharmony)
The clothes dance they did. With the kissing, bouncing and hugging. (Disharmony)
He knows the way to this woman's heart: new clothes! (Disharmony)
Who makes Angel smile? Cordy. (Disharmony)
Angel holds Cordy during and after her horrific vision as she cries. (DE)
Angel buys Cordy lots of food so he won't upset her by asking what she wants. (DE)
The "I love you" from Cordy because of this. (DE)
The smile it causes. (DE)
Cordy wants him to smile more. (DE)
Angel worries that Cordy's still in pain. (DE)
Angel takes Cordy and the gang out for dinner to celebrate her acting job. (Belonging)
He doesn't want her to get famous and leave him. (Belonging)
Cordy gets Angel out of a possibly embaressing situation. (Belonging)
Angel goes to the commercial shoot and takes a lot of double takes at Cordy in her bikini. (Belonging)
When the director is offensive towards Cordy Angel gets angry and protective. He even offers to rip the guys head off. (Belonging)
Angel trusts Cordy's instincts. (Belonging)
Angel panics when he can't find Cordy. (OTR)
Angel's "I just got her back." (OTR)
Angel tells Wes:" I don't wanna research, all right?! I wanna jump through the big swirly hole thingy and save Cordelia." (OTR)
Angel: (meaningfully) "It's Cordy." (OTR)
Angel organizes a way to get to Pylea to get Cordy, even though he may ever be able to get back. (OTR)
Because he counts the hours in which they are not together. (OTR)
Angel takes a good look at Cordy in her princess outfit. (TTLG)
Cordy tells Angel - "You look good." (TTLG)
Angel threatens a guard with violence when he insults Cordy. (TNPLPG)
Angel is emotionally "moved" by the idea that Cordy loves him. (TNPLPG)
Cordy leaves being a princess and Groo behind to go home with Angel. (TNPLPG)
One of their looks is worth a thousand words...
Because he called her baby. (Heartthrob)
Only Cordy can see something is bothering Angel. (Heartthrob)
Angel knows there is something on her mind. (Heartthrob)
Because she wouldn't leave his side. (Ht)
Because she feels safe with him. (Ht)
Because he always knows how to please her. (Ht)
The smile exchange in the last scene. (Ht)
Because he compared her to a we know its love! (TVT)
Because he thinks she is way more important than winning. (TVT)
Angel thinks Cordy is of great significance. (TVT)
Because nothing or no one will prevent him from saving her. (TVT)
Because one smile from him could convince her to do anything. (TOTGOM)
Because he cares about her opinions of him. (Fredless)
Because he gets hurt when she jokes around and calls him fat. (Fredless)
Because he was all excited for her to patch him up. (Fredless)
Because she can "soothe his ass off." (Fredless)
Because she her hand on his chest (Fredless)
Because she helped him up and he held her close and tried to protect her. (Fredless)
Because even if she's the blindest seer that ever lived, he still loves her.
Because he wants to be the only one to save her. (Billy)
Because he'd do it again. (Billy)
Because he's been around a long time and has never known anyone like her. (Offspring)
Its kyerumption, it's destiny, its written in the stars. (Offspring)
They've got Moira. (Offspring)
Because even "crazy" Fred could see it. (Offspring)
Because he looked at her when he remembered he could someday become a normal man. (Offspring)
Because he cares more about her feelings then Darla's welfare! (Offspring)
Even in alternate realities, she finds her way back to him. (Birthday)
Without her, he'd be crazy and lost. (Birthday)
He's more afraid of her dying than she is, what is that? Oh yeah, love. (Birthday)
Because she changed her DNA for him. (Birthday)
They both want one another in their lives and future! (Birthday)
Because even in a alternate world, she is still drawn to Angel's bedroom. (Birthday)
The thought of Angel not recognising her, tears her up inside. (Birthday)
She's "got to see him" (Birthday)
Because life without Angel is just not her. (Birthday)
Cordy's purpose in world is to be with Angel. (Birthday)
Because her whole life changed the day she met him at the party. (Birthday)
They are so comfortable with each other that Cordy drools on his suit and Angel doesn't care. (WITW)
She is the most beautiful woman Angel has ever seen. (WITW)
Even when they were possessed Angel felt it was a part of them. (WITW)
Because she's an extraordinary woman. (WITW)
Her happiness means more to him than his own. (WITW)
When you love someone you let them go, if she comes back she's yours. Angel let Cordy go to be with Groo but she came back to be with him. (Couplet)
Because her heart is not free to be with Groo. (Couplet)
She's always with him, even when she's not there. (The Price)
The comfort level is highly visible between these two, look at the body language! (Benediction)
Because they finish each other's sentences. (Tomorrow)
Because he called her "Cor". (Tomorrow)
Because look how far they've come.
Their relationship is a natural progress from being NOT friends, to her working for him, to friends, to close friends, to best friends and now to something more.
Cordy is the yin to Angel's yang. They compliment each other so well; their personalities are different but match.
Because they both have each other wrapped around their little fingers.
Because David and Charisma love working with each other.
Because David is a big old flirt with Charisma (i.e. tickling her on TV and sniffing her).
Because David and Charisma are just as cute together.
Because hey, it looks like we were right.
Because you can't fight love - and they didn't even attempt to.
Because we have six years of yummy subtext to look back on.
Because Angel never let her fall.
Because we've had hugs and kisses galore and they're not even together yet!
Because nothing's more beautiful than falling in love with your best friend.
Because with each other, they realised that love doesn't have to mean pain.
Because they can read each other's mind.
Because they're both on their way to the kind of love they deserve.
Because of Angel's "wandering hand sydrome".
Because of Pass - the most beauitful place in the C/A world.
Because you don't come across this kind of magic every day.
Because they're made for each other.
Because they're "A match made in L.A."
Because the writers want it, the actors want it and more imporantly we want it.
Because we've had been tell us that it would never happen and we, like C/A are still going strong.
Because contrary to popular belief we all witnessed the B/A saga and still manage to love C/A - funny that
Because Angel likes it when she glows. (Deep Down)
Because Angel knows her better then anybody. (DD)
Because "This is the way it should be." (DD)
Because they "Like this version better." (DD)
Because Deep Down, it's love! (DD)
Because Cordy can't remember what life is like without him in it. (DD)
Because Angel needs her...Now! (DD)
Because Angel doesn't deny she is his girlfriend. (Ground State)
Because Angel loves Cordy. (GS)
Because Dinza know he is looking for his "lost love." (GS)
Because all he thought about was coming home to Cordy. (GS)
Because all he wants is to bring her back home. (GS)
Because Angel thought she looked beautiful up there. (GS)
Because she so loves him! (THAW)
Because even with amnesia!Cordy there's still an undeniable attraction between her and Angel. (STB)
Beacause they know each other. Really well. (STB)
Because what's important to him is that she's back. (STB)
Because he was just so happy to see her. (STB)
Because he remembers what she was wearing when they went to the ballet. (STB)
Because Angel just can't stop thinking about her.
Because Angel was brooding over Cordy. (STB)
Because Angel wanted Connor to keep Cordy safe. (STB)
Because Angel was upset that Cordy didn't remember the night at the ballet. (STB)
Because unlike Connor, Angel really knows Cordy.
Because Angel knew about her fuzzy slippers. (SS)
Because when Angel saw Cordy his face lit up. (SS)
Because they're so at ease with each other. (SS)
Because of "were we in love?" (SS)
Because Liam/Cordy are adorable too. (SpTB)
Because of the end in Spin the bottle.
Because Angel was fighting back the tears when Cordy ran away.
Because C/A angst is of the good.
Because they're lusty.
Because he always has a way of making her smile.
Because she's loved him for quite a while.
Because he has a way of making things seem like they're going to be okay.(RoF)
Because Angel always wanted to be the prince. (RoF)
Because he can her make feel like everything's not spiraling apart. (RoF)
Because she loves him. And she always will. (RoF)
Because she saved him from himself.
Because she's the light into his soul, his purpose, his everything.
Because we never gave up on them.
Because they trust each other.
Because they changed each other for the better.
Because if it weren't for Cordy, we would never have seen Angel smile.
Because they just fit.
Because she's kooky and he's broody, what's not to love?
Because of all the face-touching scenes.
And all the bedroom ones.
Because Angel had his hand on her thigh and she didn't seem to mind.
Because we've seen the sparkage, now bring on the fire.
Because it's the most natural thing in the world.
Because he wants their friendship back, that much at least. (SpTB)
Because he said she was his dearest friend. (SpTB)
Because Cordy can turn the world's champion into goo with a smile.
Because he could smell her perfume on his jacket.
Because there was "actual magic" between them.
Because Angel looked "so hot doing that."
Because we all know what would have happened if they hadn't been interrupted.
Because they've got a vibe. We're getting a vibe. They're vibey.
Because it's a lil thing called love.
Because even though he's got the name, he still thinks she's the real angel.
Because when the going gets tough, the tough think of Cordy.
Because even though she had no recollection of their past, there was an undeniable attraction between them.
Because Angel thinks her smile lights up the room.
Because he really does love that vanilla perfume she wears.
Because Angel notices what shoes she wears - big improvement from the "new shoes" incident of season one.
Because she's the one thing in his otherwise crazy life that makes sense.
Because she was the only who could convince him they needed Angelus. (Awakening)
Because she wanted to be with him. (Awakening)
Because she feels all the good he's done as Angel. (Awakening)
Because he forgave her.(Awakening)
Because he doesn't care what she's done in her past. (Awakening)
Because he wanted her to stop talking so he could finally kiss her. (Awakening)
Because he said it himself. They're stronger together. (Awakening)
Because she can't lose him. (Awakening)
Because he's never been more sure of anything. (Awakening)
Because of the way he says her name. "I'll come back. Cordelia." (Awakening)
Because he promised to come back. For her. (Awakening)
Because of that scene where they touched foreheads with each other and closed their eyes. (Awakening)
Because he wouldn't want to be anywhere else than with her. (Awakening)
Because whatever the reason, the logic, or excuse when they're together everything is the way it's supposed to be. (Awakening)
Because even in a dream, Cordy can give Angel a moment of perfect happiness. (Awakening)
Because just dreaming of her gives him perfect happiness. (Awakening)
Because in Angel's perfect day it was making love to Cordy that made him loose his soul. (Awakening)
Because he held her hand when they were making love. (Awakening)
Because anymore chemistry and we'd all be blind.
Because is it getting hot in here?
Because with Angel being dark and brooding we need a big, bright smile.
Because they have the sweetest kisses.
Because Angelus has a thing for Cordy too! (Soulless)
Because Cordy and Angelus are just as hot as C/A. (Soulless)
Because Angelus thinks she has a rack to write home about. (Soulless)
Because Angelus loves 'the twins'.(Soulless)
Because Angelus wants a hug from Cordy. (Soulless)
Because shes a better ride than a mustang. (Soulless)
Because Angelus can think of a lot of things he'd like to with her body. (Soulless)
Because even Angelus likes to talk about her. (Soulless)
Because she locked eyes with him and told him he knows her well, he can look into her eyes and know she's not lying. (Soulless)
Because she was the only one Angelus agreed to. (Soulless)
Because Angelus wanted her to bring him back a souvenir. (Soulless)
Because she called his bluff. (Soulless)
Because she was cool, calm and collected when dealing with Angelus. Which is more than we can we say for Buffy. (Soulless)
Because Angelus was't happy that he was stiffed on his deal with Cordelia and says that he wasn't going to let it go. Apparently he wants her just as much as Angel does. (Soulless)
Because Cordy was the only one who could get under Angelus' skin. (Soulless)
Because Angelus called after her and reminded her the angrier she makes him, the longer he'll keep her alive. (Soulless)
Because something tells Angelus she's a screamer. (Soulless)
Because David and Charisma have fun doing the love scenes.
Because David says his wife Jaime would love it.
Because Angelus called her "kitten". (Calvary)
Because he's saving ALL the good stuff for her. (Calvary)
Because he wanted her to "stay down". (Calvary)
Because she just couldn't stay away from him. (Calvary)
Because she's closest to Angel. (Salvage)
Because this is where his heart belongs.
Because she's the girl that makes his heart go pitter-pat.
Because making her happy makes him happy.
Because she makes him smile more than he's ever smiled.
Because they belong in each other's arms.
Because love is when people who can hurt each other so much end up in each other's arms. And that's what they have.
Because within the darkness, she is the light that shines away.
Because with Cordy, Angel will live for real.
Because she's the light into his soul, his purpose, his everything.
Because he was heartbroken when he found out she became evil. (Players)
Because he knows that whatever it is, it isn't his Cordy. (Inside Out)
Because Angel stared at his sketch of Cordy. (IO)
Because Angel didn't even react when Skip mentioned the Slayer, all he cared about was getting to his Cordy. (IO)
Because he kicked Skip's ass when he said he would die without knowing what happened to Cordy. (IO)
Because she's the "woman he loves". (IO)
Because of that kiss on the forehead.
Because the only reason Angel agreed to Sunnydale was for Cordy (and Connor's) sake. (Home)

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