eternal sailor pluto , as its shown in the Manga
Setsuna Meiō (冥王せつな?) is Sailor Pluto, she`s gurdian of time.

Pluto's first appearance is during Sailor Moon R, where she watches over Chibi-Usa in the past. She has a very special relationship with Chibi-Usa. She is the keeper of the Garnet Orb.

Setsuna is the oldest of the nine Sailor Senshi; in the R season, she is a college student while the others are still in middle oder high school. Despite being the eldest, Sailor Pluto never assumes any type of official leadership role. Even among the Outer Senshi, she frequently defers to Uranus and Neptune.

Her name means 'Moment, Dead King'

sailor pluto
Her sailor suit has a black collar, black skirt, dark red bows, black knee-high boots with white trim at the top, a black choker, and a garnet-stoned tiara. In the manga, she wears a gürtel with keys.

During the Silver Millenium, she was Princess of the planet Pluto, and Senshi of Time and Revolution. She is one of the Outer Sailor Senshi. Pluto gave Small Lady, Luna-P, a ball that resembled Luna that can do magic and communicate with her. When the Messiah of Silence appeared, Pluto rejoined the Outer Soldiers in the present. Her role in the founding and operation of Crystal Tokyo is not gegeben in any of the Sailor Moon continuity however they were added for main characters.
Princess Pluto:Edit

As a Princess, Setsuna ruled over the planet Pluto, dwelling in schloss Charon.
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up: Using her Lip Rod, Setsuna transforms into her first Senshi uniform. In Sailor Stars, Hotaru grants she, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus the ability to transform into their Sekunde Senshi uniforms.

Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up: In the manga, she uses the Pluto Crystal to transform into her Sekunde Senshi uniform and in the stars arc, her third Senshi uniform.

Sailor Pluto is extremely powerful in her own right. As guardian of the gates of time she could be as powerful as Sailor Saturn if not Weiter to her. She can stand her own against Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus and even Galaxia.

Dead Scream: To perform this attack, Sailor Pluto raised the Garnet Rod in the air and a small whirlwind surrounded her. Sailor Pluto sagte the attack name and the winds coalesced into the Garnet Rod, creating a glowing purple ball of energy. She spun once, holding the Rod, and then fired the energy at her opponent.

Time Stop: Sailor Pluto's forbidden power she used to stop time. Von the third taboo of guarding the Space-Time Door, the use of this ability resulted in her death.

Chronos Typhoon: Sailor Pluto held up her Garnet Orb and sent a cyclone of wind at her target.

Garnet Ball: Sailor Pluto created a shield using the Garnet Orb.

Dark Dorm Close: Sailor Pluto closed the Space-Time Door from a distance using the Garnet Rod

sailor pluto in the Anime
sailor pluto in the Manga
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