Axl, Sue & Brick Heck Favorit Sue quote: extensions in Kommentare

Pick one:
"I can't handle a Liebe triangle. I'm not a Kardashian."
"Cross country is over and, like a caterpillar, I've shed my sweatshirt to (1)
"Sue Heck does not give up."
"This is my mom's old phone. It doesn't work. I just use it as a clock."
"It'll be super-rewarding and bonding 'cause Martha Stewart says apfel, apfel, apple pie is (2)
"I finally have something to put up on the cupboard besides my (3)
"Embarrassment is an important part of sports. My coach told me that."
"I Liebe kreuz country! That's running, right?"
"Why does fun always have a price?"
"Don't any of Du remember how horrible junior high can be if Du don't have (4)
"Dad, did Du just hear what Axl sneezed about kreuz country?"
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