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 Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood
Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood
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This Avril Lavigne foto might contain hip boot, thigh boot, oberbekleidung, überkleidung, overclothes, box mantel, kastenmantel, and box-mantel.

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Du know something? This reminds me of something. I think Avril Lavigne needs to resign Sony Musik Entertainment because Sony Musik Entertainment can’t stand Avril Lavigne and Sony Musik Entertainment only wants big names and RCA like Beyonce. That’s all Sony Musik Entertainment does, big names and RCA. Du see, Avril Lavigne only appeals early 2000s and Asia. It does not appeal Avril Lavigne materials in general like Under my Skin (despite the album sold well and Fans Liebe it). Worse, Sony Musik Entertainment refuse to get familiar with Avril Lavigne after her career was just getting started...
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