Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold Autographed Poster Ripoff?

Panteraya posted on Sep 28, 2010 at 11:09AM
I recently purchased a signed A7X Poster from NE Photographs hoping to have caught a collectors item, especially since this Poster still comes with the Revs signature. The poster contains a certificate of Authenticity, supposedly confirmed by Edward's Autograph's Inc. I had my first doubts whether the poster was real, when I saw the certificate, it looks fake. I started researching ripoff reports on NE autographs,(which I should have done before purchase) and got even more worried about the Authenticity of the Poster. Does someone know, whether A7X is selling signed Posters through NE Photographs?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr tisy8998 said…
I had a problem close to this because I was looking for a signed picture of A7X and the only reason I didnt get the picture is because my brother looked at it and seen that not all the signitures matched up with the ones on Google. I went on about 3 different websites and they where all selling for under $30 so I didnt get anything but I am still looking and I think one of the websites I checked was the website you went to.